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Thread: Port Forwarding

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    Port Forwarding

    Can anyone confirm that this information is still correct if I need to set up port forwarding for LOTRO?

    If you use a router and you start experiencing issues you may need to configure the outbound ports to allow the game to connect correctly. The following ports need outbound forwarding:

    Port 80
    Ports 9000-9100 UDP
    Ports 2900-2910 UDP

    I noticed on the Standing Stones Game help site about this it said 9000 through 9010, and 2900 through 2910 as TCP/UDP port connections.

    I set up the 3 ports and listed them all as both TCP and UDP.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a difficult issue (Installing Pre-reqs) and I think the issue is between the launcher and my modem/router, so want to make sure I did all of this right.

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    Hi. Sorry that I can't directly answer your question. However, you really shouldn't have to manually set up port forwarding. I've always been puzzled by the need for some to do so. Across several different router makes and models over the years, while running multiple LotRO clients across several different computers simultaneously, setting up port forwarding has never been necessary in my experience.

    If you want to rule out your router, you could consider momentarily putting your computer directly on your cable/dsl modem (assuming it's a separate device from the router). To do this, you often need to unplug your modem from power for 5-10 minutes to convince it to "forget" your router's unique network address (called a MAC address). Then it will bind to your computer's MAC address. Reverse the process when you're done in order to put your router back in the mix.

    Though, if I were to do that (even just temporarily), I'd momentarily turn on the "Block all incoming connections, including those in the list of allowed apps" option under Windows Firewall. This is a "panic mode" that will still allow network applications that initiate the connection to function. . . but won't allow incoming unsolicited traffic. It will not conflict with LotRO.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    It's a router/modem combo (An Arris SBG7580AC). Either way, I've given up on trying to get this game to work. It's clearly something to do with my internet connection, and I'm pretty sure it's the router/modem specifically. Firewalls, port forwarding, etc have done nothing.

    Oh well.



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