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    In-Game Support Reimbursement Policy


    Please refer to the following information with regards to the In-game Item Reimbursement Policy.

    (PLEASE NOTE: Lost items due to compromised accounts fall under separate guidelines, governed by our Anti-Fraud Dept.)

    If you are looking to recover an item:

    1. You must apply for the reimbursement no more than 7 days after the item as been lost
    2. You may not have more than 3 reimbursements per account per calendar year
    3. The GMs must be able to verify that you previously possessed the item**

    The following are examples of what we may be able to reimburse/return:
    • High end quest rewards
    • Item chosen that is unable to be equipped by class
    • Legendary items (this is ONLY an option if the item is sold or destroyed)
    • In-game mail sent to the wrong player (if unopened by the recipient)
    • Mounts (still in item form)

    Please note we will not reimburse the following items:

    • In-game money (gold, silver, copper)
    • XP (Experience points)
    • Destiny Points
    • In-game mails which have been opened/decayed
    • Items traded to other players
    • Consumable items
    • Legendary items that were deconstructed / Items that were turned into Ash of Enchantment, Motes of Enchantment, or Embers
    • Items bought with Ash of Enchantment, Motes of Enchantment, or Embers
    • Items bought with Figments of Splendour
    • Barter items
    • Crafted items
    • Mounts (that are skills)

    *The Lord of the Rings Online support has final say over whether an item will be reimbursed

    **Must be verified by Game Master's logs. Screenshots/testimonials by other players will not be regarded as evidence
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