There are some role-players that are so fantastic that even ten years later you still remember your interactions with them in a video game you have not played in ten years.

Gobblemoss was one of those individuals. The first high ranked creep of any renown and skill that NEVER BROKE CHARACTER. Gobblemoss role-played on the forums, Gobblemoss role-played in game. Gobblemoss made antagonizing (and wonderful) role-playing posts about me and other Freeps. Even when it would have been tactically easier to break character, Gobblemoss did not. I never found out who Gobblemoss's Freep was (or if they even had one).

Its interesting the things that you remember and the things that people remember you for. The forum purge got rid of most of my existence. But here is a small nugget hoping that some day Gobblemoss will wander back through here, do a search of the name, and see the positive impact he made on another gamers existence. While I was most assuredly best known for my PvMP experience, I was a role-player first and foremost, even my persona on this server was a role-play. I respected Gobblemoss immensely, and hope s(he) is doing well.