Slowtro is a project where people can enjoy old content on level. We do questing/deeds/crafting and instances/skirms/raids. All you need is a Stone of the Tortoise (Experience Disabler 100LP). Join us ingame by joining the user chat channel Slowtro (type /joinchannel Slowtro) to ask for more information or an invite to the Slowtro kinship. The user chat channel is also an alternative if you want to enjoy low level instances, but prefer not to join the kinship.

28th May Slowtro will start its season 6, which includes every content up to level 60.

Since the end of January 2018 members have been playing at level 50 or lower, and enjoying The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, Carn Dûm, Barad Gularan or Urugarth as this season's end game instances. Slowtro has also ventured into the other scalable instances, with Fornost at tier 2 as a solid challenge. Slowtro players even make different silly runs, as long as it involves frying pans and pitchforks!

Slowtro has an activity rule, you need to be online within the last 60 days to stay as a kin member. If you come back online after a period of absence you're most welcome to join Slowtro again.

Season history so far:
Season 1 (level cap 10): August - October 2017
Season 2 (level cap 20): 14 Oct - 4th Nov 2017
Season 3 (level cap 32): November 2017
Season 4 (level cap 40): Dec 2017 - January 2018
Season 5 (level cap 50): Feb - May 2018
Season 6 (level cap 60): 28 May 2018 -


If you want to make contact, you will find an updated list of active officers on our website.