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    L115 non-raider : switch from Red 2H to Yellow 1H?

    Hello all,

    So I returned after much time away, and it seems like my beloved red line of years past may be suboptimal now. I ripped through L100-115, dinked around a bit, and now want to do the Dale-lands.

    Given that I mostly solo (occasionally duo with another DPS), have 86 Class Trait Points, L115 crit crafted gear (with Empowered Shadow Essences), FA 1H and Belt in my vault (with imbued replacement scrolls & star-lit crystals to spare), and most Virtues at 20+ ... how much better could I do with AoE'ing on-level landscape mobs, or below-level instances with 1H+Sword yellow?

    It's not that 2H red isn't super-survivable, but it's slow (esp. compared to Warden, or even Mini).

    Thank you in advance, Master Guardians!

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    Well, Red is the dps line. There are some traits in the Yellow tree you want, but you're probably not going to do better DPS in Yellow, especially with a 1hander. And your bleeds (which are considered debuffs for the purposes of some traits in yellow), where most of your dps comes from, are based on weapon damage so redline 2h is as good as it's gonna get.
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    I'm inclined to agree with Commdorvis. Guard dps is not in a happy place at the moment. Red line is more of a damage over time mode than a direct damage mode due to the bleeds and not-great direct dps, but you'll be giving up dps without those bleeds. SSG have said they'll look at Guards, but exactly when and what will be done is anyone's guess right now.

    When I started the new zone, my Mordor gear was ok but not great. There were a couple of fights in the solo content of the new zone that I had to use every buff I could get (scrolls, food, hope tokens and a couple of times I used my skirmish helper, a herbalist/healer) as well as going sword & board to complete them. When the terrain was clear enough I did use mounted combat a few times as well. There was one instance that had me stopped cold, Acolyte of the Necromancer. I bypassed that instance for a while, hoping I could re-gear enough in the rest of the zone and come back to the instance but it wasn't enough. Eventually I was able to team up with a couple of other players for that instance and got through the rest of that quest line solo.

    You'll get some new purple gear as rewards in some of the quests but you'll need to grind rep with the new dwarf faction in the new zone for better might based gear, and there isn't enough rep from once-only quests to get much past Friend rep standing. You'll need to collect task items and run repeatable quests for the rest of the rep grind. Rep acceleration tokens will help a lot with that. It also doesn't help that for the heavy armour based classes, the dwarves are actually the last of the new factions you get to in the new zone if you follow the quest storyline in standard order. You must complete all of the main solo quest lines in the new zone to unlock the twice-weekly repeatable quests.

    I'm still grinding rep in the new zone but I have been able to partially re-gear and it has made a difference. I'm also still doing Mordor dailies, mostly for lootbox keys since all Gorgoroth lootboxes drop some ash when you open them and you can get most of the new essences with ash at an allegiance hall. There's not much in the way of new crafted gear, it's mostly bartered gear based on rep level and new essences with higher stats, and not all rep levels for the new zone have full sets of armour or jewellery available. The other main option right now is raid gear, but I haven't been running the raids so I can't say how good that gear is.
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    Yellow with 1h is a bit slower than red and your bleeds are weaker, but flash of light compensates a bit. The more foes you fight the more efficient it becomes. Shield-smash (especially
    if you are using tactical runes, 76 ones are good enough) can hit pretty hard. the only thing you will lack is prey on the weak heals, heals for hitting marked targets in yellow are bugged.
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