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    Question Endgame and quest pack advice needed

    Hey everyone,
    Got back into the game after a short (like 7 years - short^^) break. Right now my main is lvl 88 and questing in West Rohan. Which means I'm starting to think / plan for the endgame. Meaning what quest packs / regions do I really need to buy after the Helm's Deep expansion? Primarily for game mechanics related purposes (Traits, Epic quest line, instances / epic battles, that are still being run, etc.), but also for lore reasons. I'm definitely going to buy Mordor, but what else is necessary? I might sub for a month or two anyway, as there is really a lot content between all the Gondors and Anoriens and all the rest, but any and all advice what to buy for good (e.g. twinks, rerunning content,...) is very much welcome.

    Second question: Any tips on how to get endgame-ready (as much as possible) in the most efficient way? Been doing some (lots...) of reading into the imbued LI system, so I think I got that thing down. Any advice for how to gear up generally, apart from questing through the zones? Any specific instances to run on the way to 115, important reputations to focus on, etc?

    Sort of a bonus question: I'm maining a warden right now, as that's always been my favourite class and it seemed to be doing pretty well, from what I've gathered from different websites and forums. Alas, those sites were all from pre-Mordor times, which stupid me didn't realize, a couple of weeks ago. And what I'm reading right now on the forums here doesn't make me very happy. So in short - how shafted am I really? "able to get buy, but it's going to be hard"-shafted, or "better bite the bullet and level one of those other lvl 20 chars"-shafted?

    So, that's all. Sorry for the wall of text and big thanks for any and all coming advice.

    Edit - already farming the heck out of the anniversary event, just in case, someone wants to mention that

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    If you want to get all traitpoints, you will need Western Rohan (which you already have), Central Gondor, Eastern Gondor and Old Anorien. The other remaining points are part of the epic story, and if you buy Mordor you'll have access to all epic story parts.
    If you want access to all interesting instances, you might want to buy far anorien as it has a nice instance cluster including a raid thats quite effective to get endgame stuff still.
    The easiest path to fast endgame will be rushing through the epic story and getting to north-mirkwood asap (when you come to the levelrange (110+)) as thats where you get the best non-raid-gear, and not just the best, but clearly with a big difference the best. Use rep accelerators in central gondor, if you want a 1st age symbol and use rep accelerators in north mirkwood to get high rep thats needed to barter for everything fast. In north mirkwood, one faction is enough and you could theoretically ignore the other factions rep (but you'll get it anyway). But you only need acceleration for one faction (elves for middle armor gear, men for light armor, dwarfs for heavy and elves is the fastest to get maxxed).

    When it comes to wardens... well... dpswise, you are somewhere at position 3-6 afaik, and 1/2 are roughly 20% higher than the rest, which means everyone uses RK/Hunter for dps (plus mordor instances favor ranged dps). For tanking, you suffer from smaller morale pools, worse mits and useless high avoidances. Its still possible to tank, but guard/cappy have it much easier. You might step in and call yourself an offensive debuffer, but that would mean that you need to aquire t2c gear from throne first to have full uptime for your mit debuffs and maybe some set that makes those debuffs better. But that would only help all classes but RK and Hunter and those are the main dpsers anyway who face near to no mits anyway. So... while possible, its not likely to get raidspots easily. The nonraid instances are certainly possible with a warden, both as a tank or DPSer.
    So... if all you want is t2c raiding, start searching for a kin that will accept a warden. If you are less of a hardcore guy, warden is fine for anything. Class balance work is in the way and no one knows what will come out of it and new instances are already planned. no one can tell the future of any class today. But today, playing another class like RK/Hunter/Cappy/Minstrel/Guard/Burglar might get you a raidspot easier.
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