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    Exclamation Sea-Ward Steed From LoTRO's 11th Anniversary

    So far I've only found two screenshots of the latest 11th Anniversary Sea-Ward Steed, when searching.

    I have not take these screenshots myself. The credit goes of course to the ones posting these on their sites, FibroJedi and Myndariel.

    This site is located at the following URL: https://fibrojedi.me.uk/lotro/lotro-anniversary-event/

    This site is located at the following URL: http://myndariel.blogspot.se/2018/04/

    Personally I'm really curious on how the carapace, saddle etc of the war-steed cosmetics dyes, as well as exactly where the cosmetic parts are separated. Like does that winged armour part hanging down covering the front chest/front legs of the horse come attached to the carapace or does it come attached to the part covering the head (hopefully it's not attached to the carapace) ??? Is that small blue part of the carapace hanging down at the tail part of the tail cosmetic or attached to the rest of the carapace and so on ???
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