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    Dec 2017
    Boston, MA

    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 56

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    What's your LOTRO anniversary year?

    My Lotro anniversary year is my birthday, that is when my real life started. Ignorance is bliss. Plug me back in Neo.

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    Nov 2015
    2015 for me!

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    Jul 2008
    2008, so 10 years for me!
    Been kicking around since 2008... Better days...:)

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    *Looks at forum join date* Hmm, what year did I join LOTRO? *adjusts glasses and squints harder* 2007.

    In all seriousness, I joined toward the end of beta in 2007 and I've been playing off an on ever since.
    R.I.P. Big E

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    Mithlond, Eriador, Middle-Earth, Arda, Eä
    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Year 5 WOOOOH!

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    2007 for me! Yay! 11 years! Keep us going SSG! I hope there are MANY more to come!

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    In the Beacon issue, it says that:

    Reclaim Middle-earth! Get 20% off now through April 26th:
    • Expansions & Expansion Quests (In-game only)

    But the in game store shows the same prices as yesterday. Is this a bug or....?

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    Dec 2012
    What's your LOTRO anniversary year?

    I started playing shortly after Riders of Rohan dropped so 5+ years for me!

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    Apr 2007
    Georgia, US


    Cool! My annual excuse to tell the story again. My LOTRO anniversary is the same year as my wedding anniversary: 2007. Met my husband in game during beta about a week before launch when we were running through an Ered Luin instance. First spoke to him on headset the evening before launch day. I'd met a small group of people who were on and testing at the same time as me. He was one of them. We formed a kinship. The night before launch, we celebrated the launch of the game and reset of the server with a party in Breeland. He was in charge of launching fireworks. He parked his dwarf on the top of a tent at Adso's camp. He did his task with the humor I've become very familiar with. Following some duels on multiple character classes we all had for testing balance and skills, we all ended up all talking on headset until the server shut down for launch. I was one of not a lot of females on at the time. We worked on another event during the summer with the other woman who played with us, Pebbz, and another kinmate whose name is lost to time. It involved such detail and planning (and Ultimate Cake), that we began talking on the phone. After a while and the realization that we had much in common, Pwint travelled across the country to visit me. (Following a stringent background check by my protective dad.) At the end of his visit, he decided not to leave. Instead, he found a job and an apartment here, and he had his things shipped here. A few months later, he proposed (both in and out of the game). We've been married ever since. Both of us are lifelong gamers, and never expected this to happen. But we will be forever grateful to LOTRO for bringing us together.

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    December of 2011 - wouldn't let me log into forums until 2013 though...

    Arkenstone | Anor

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    Apr 2009
    April 16, 2009. Saw that Mines of Moria Collectors box and never looked back.
    CAANWICK - Wardenist - Make Wardens Great Again!!! / CAANJOB - The Ettenmoors' worst Burglar / CAANJAAL - Hunter
    "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you've already lost!"

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    March 2008 made my first hobbit. Months later I let a friend try out the game by making a char on my account and they loved it so much I hardly got to log in myself, LOL. So in Oct 2008 I created a second account and gave them my original. We played together for several years! Alas, wishing now I had kept the original account to get anniversary presents sooner.

    All along I raced to preorder each expansion, still love and use the perks, but since I have not explored much in Helm's Deep (because I kept making lowbies, life happened for a bit, kin dissolved, and didn't click in with a steady group on my old server), I made myself wait to get Mordor until I have a char high enough to appreciate the content. Rocking a high elf today, which I started from scratch on a new-to-me server for the full experience ofc, and loving it! Great server, great kin, I'm home. Happily my level is almost up there. I look forward to seeing Mordor! Well, once I get the funds again, earmarked money went toward a new computer last month (/sigh RIP). In the meantime there are always new adventures to be had, probably why so many of us have been around for... a decade, can you believe it?

    Saebel (Yambo)

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    It’s in June 2011, not with this account, but with another that remained a free account.

    This is the best MMORPG for me at that time, and now!

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    Jun 2011
    "What's your LOTRO anniversary year?"


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    5th anniversary, but almost 6, since I started in May 2012.

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    6 for my main accounts, 5 for the other.

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    Happy birthday middle earth!!!!!!!

    To be frank, this is my first year to be among the throng of adventurers across Middle Earth. Ever since I read the books, I had longed to go to and see Middle Earth. This game does that. Thanks..... MAY THE HAIR NEVER FALL FROM YOUR FEET and MAY THE ELVENSTAR ALWAYS SHINE UPON YOU!!!!!!!!! (and please, help yourself to a second/or third breakfast

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    I started a couple months before the 1st anniversary, so I got my 10 year rewards this go around.

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    Dec 2012
    What's your LOTRO anniversary year?

    I started playing in december 2012 so 5+ years for me!

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    Sunny So. Cal.
    This will be my ninth year playing LoTRO! Congratulations SSG for keeping this game going on forever more!
    Moved from Nimrodel to Arkenstone!
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! Pew-Pew-Pew!
    Kinship member of Arnor's Legacy

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    I began my journey in the amazing world of LOTRO in 2012.
    Wose, Huorn, and Earth Kin are playable races; when will that day come true?

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    Cool How many years?

    It was the tenth anniversary that attracted me to LOTRO, so this is the end of my first year. I'm just a toddler on a mission!

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    What's your LOTRO anniversary year?

    This will be year 6 for me.

    I think I've logged on almost every day since then, excluding a handful of days when I was very sick, when something IRL took priority, or when the Internet/power was out.

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    Michigan, USA
    2011, around Fall Festival. Leveled near to cap fairly quickly through January 2012 until I crashed in life and couldn't enjoy/get into it or anything else for years. Often missed it, remembering it fondly, picking out my current laptop based on hopes of returning to LOTRO and fully enjoying the graphics during game-play. Popped in briefly at times, including for World Consolidation (R.I.P. Imladris), until about last Fall Festival, since which I've been back.


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