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    I'm surprised at your surprise !

    This game has always been a grind "fest" "athon" meh - whatever....

    Run back and forth the entire map a dozen times in a quest chain is what Volume one was built on. (and there was no mithril short cuts back then)

    This narrative lends itself to a lazy'ish extension of play with equally dull prose like monologue spread over long distance to give a seeming edge of jeopardy.

    Best thing I have learned in this game is to experience everything once with a main character and then avoid nonsense and grind with alts and then gear up at leisure. There is no rush any more. For me, anything beyond Mordor is a real bonus because I really didn't think we would make it this far.

    Now I'm going back to searching for a way into South Farthing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Egilric View Post
    Since my return I have played approximately 15 hours, and I am STILL level 111, and am now on 1.3 Unintentions.

    Your problem remindes me of a joke where a guy had problems with a chainsaw. It took him a whole day to cut just one tree down. It ended up being his fault for not turning on the chainsaw.

    I'm can't even imagine what you were doing for 15 hours in a single instance where you don't even have to kill anything, just listen to NPCs talk.
    Pineleaf did the quest in about 14 min and he was reading all the quest text. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6j510Hr4Vs

    Quote Originally Posted by Grapold View Post
    To address the OP's original concerns as the thread seems to have taken a bit of a wander about general grind, of which there is far to much of in many areas...
    Travel in Mordor becomes a lot quicker at lvl 112 once you unlock an Alliegance Hall, and for Northern Kingdoms the Dwarf Allegiance Hall is a godsend.
    OK you're still going to need some swift travel between stables, but a free port on 5min cooldown really comes in handy.
    You can unlock all allegiance halls at lvl 110.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahanto View Post
    Lol it almost like you thought this game was good
    Long story short the game sucks in every way quests suck classes suck server proformens sucks the instance content sucks it all just sucks go play a different game

    And most of u guys talking about how the grind for gear is not worth it or the grind to get to 115 is not worth it your completely right, there’s absolutely no reason for u to max lvl or get the best gear there is no end goal anymore it used to be get mediocre gear run instance content get the raid gear go pvp. Getting the Mediocre gear is a pretty big grind, so now u gotta do a raid that is insanely easy and fast and you’ll then get ur raid gear in no time and then u can go in the WORST pvp area I’ve ever seen have fun BoyZ, don’t even bother

    You having a bad day?

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    In short:
    too much content
    too big regions
    too much twinks OP has

    First two "problems" are not problems. You understand this, right? That's why tons of people love Lotro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egilric View Post
    Excited by the release of the latest expansion for LOTRO I have recently returned to the game after a break.

    I have a level 111 Lore-Master as my main, and was at The Black Book Of Mordor Chapter 1.2 The Cruel History of Durthang.

    I was eager to jump into Northern Mirkwood - long one of my favourite areas of the setting.

    Since my return I have played approximately 15 hours, and I am STILL level 111, and am now on 1.3 Unintentions.
    1. You don't need to finish the Black Book of Mordor to do Northern Mirkwood, only if you want to do the epic in NM.

    2. If you skip the quests you will level slowly.

    I recently put my second LM through the Mordor Black Book quests so I could do Mirkwood + epic (hadn't touched Mordor with this character but got to 115 via festival quests), it only has one spec, blue and his LIs are only 3/4 finished, so it's dps isn't amazing, and I just had the 105 FI garbage set gear. I was able to finish the Mordor part in one day. I do have 5 milestones on that character with 5m cooldown, plus the 4 allegiance reps (just need to do the intro quests), you can significantly reduce travel time and having to wade through monsters. It isn't a necessity but it is one of the QoL stuff they sell which allows you to bypass a fair bit of the boring parts.

    I have 8 other toons that I would like to get through the Post Minas Tirith content and through to Northern Mirkwood- but at this rate of advance I doubt I'll live that long, I am 48 already.
    I wouldn't recommend trying to ham-fist every alt through the content at once, catching up is overwhelming no matter what stage you come back. I would recommend you just stick to one character you really like, take your time, enjoy that experience and if you have time to kill then look at putting another character through. Don't make it a grind and it wont be one. I've only put 5 of 20 characters through Mordor and only 2 through Mirkwood, a lot of the rewards now are bound to account so you don't need to complete everything with every character unless you have a burning desire to do the daily grind with all your alts. If you do, you will probably recreate the environment which made it desirable to leave in the first place.

    You guys really need to think about the Player Experience.
    That is the problem with linear MMOs, they need to keep churning out content to keep their existing players entertained, it can make it daunting for someone new to get through all of it.

    Because let me tell you, spending 15 mins going from point A in Mordor to point B in Mordor just to have a 30 second conversation that tells me to go back to Point A, and do something I could easily have done when I was there previously just to then go back to Point B is entirely disheartening and so 2007.
    Sadly, making stuff annoying is a common mechanism for FTP games, which creates incentive for people to get LP and spend LP on convenience. I'd prefer a no hassle sub mmo, but they tried that an almost hit the wall.

    You need a more streamlined and enjoyable quest delivery process, and you need it fast - and it needs to be one that doesn't entail the player spending money on "convenience tokens" to skip out the grind.
    If you don't plan to spend any money on the game then they don't really have an incentive to listen to you. I think they should significantly improve the perks of VIP, they should actively try and get more people subscribed. The only thing I get from VIP that I wouldn't have access to if I cancelled would be the anywhere mail box, it isn't amazing value for money for people who have purchased all the account perks and access to content.

    15 hours of interminable grind in Mordor has convinced me I don't really give a damn about what comes next - because nothing you can deliver is worth the grind I have to go through to get to it.
    Every game is a grind, it is only when you notice the grind that it becomes an issue. I am sure if they were to sit down and make a new MMO and had the resources then they would do it differently, to some degree, LOTRO is like a car you know isn't going to start again if you turn the ignition off, so you keep going on the barely functional vehicle for as long as humanly possible. They just don't have the resources to change the game to something significantly better, if they make the content easy and everyone is done in an hour then more people will bail because there is nothing left to fill the time in. Most times, when devs give people what they ask for they end up leaving quicker than when the devs just stick to their plan. They can't please everyone.

    And no I am not demanding everything be made easy mode, and handed to me on a plate.

    I AM asking that effort I put in should at least be rewarded with some modicum of fun and some sense of progression- and Mordor isn't delivering either.
    tbh, it shouldn't be taking you that long to do, even if you are just riding everywhere on a warsteed.

    I know thematically Mordor is supposed to soul-sapping, dreary and overwhelming - but the game play experience can't be that as well, unless you want to keep losing players.
    I dunno, I find the worst parts of Mordor to be more enjoyable than any part of the elven region in mirkwood, if you think getting around Mordor is a pain you are in for a treat.

    I agree that Mordor and Mirkwood are more grindy than they are challenging, to me at least. I think the problem is the significant variance in competency level though, what is not a challenge for one person is difficult for someone else. I know some people who struggled big time with a number of the solo instances in Mordor because they were able to get by not knowing their class as well as they should because they got by only using a fraction of their abilities.

    I'd prefer quests with less travel and more challenge to them, however, it probably wont help to pay the bills.

    I play MMORPGs to have fun.
    I play them to kill time. I have fun spending time with the friends I have made in the game, we can have a lot of fun just hanging out in Bree chatting, the game is just part of the distraction or ambience. I think it is difficult to make something that is really fun that is going to entertain for the many hours they are expected to, especially if they don't get the financial support.

    There must be a reason they have gone down the path they have.

    Trudging through deliberately engineered grind-mountains to get a few seconds of story progression and NO character progression ISN'T fun.
    They didn't put a gun to your head forcing you to do nothing but epics, you have to take some responsibility in self-inflicting your own misery. The epics are intended to be done with the rest of the regional quests and when done so their travel requirement is at best a minor inconvenience.

    It might not be so bad had you ever bothered fixing Mounted Combat, but using Mounted Combat as a sort of short-cut through all this grind only works if Mounted Combat isn't as buggy as hell, and it still is.
    They abandoned mounted combat, some time ago. I just have stacked a light steed with endurance, armour and manoeuvrability relics, you will do significantly more damage on foot.

    If you want returning players to stay, and to retain existing players as well you need to bring you "game play experience" out of the last decade and into the current one.

    All The Best
    A lot of players who left and have returned haven't addressed the reasons they left in the first place.

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    All games have some sort of grind-a-thon problem. It's the way of MMO's. If we want to play them, then we accept and deal with it.

    Besides, Lotro has brought a great story to life before our very eyes. A story that we can use to complement the books and movies or what ever medium has be used

    to show us Middle Earth. A story that the Dev's can expand on so much more than a movie or our comprehension of the lore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saintjoan View Post
    All games have some sort of grind-a-thon problem. It's the way of MMO's.
    Not all games extract revenue directly from those grinds however. Thus generating (at least) the perception that the grinds are being introduced or exacerbated for reasons other than designing a fun/compelling/challenging/rewarding gameplay experience.

    Asserting (false, imho) equivalence across an entire industry is merely a means of dismissing a concern rather than addressing it.

    Best Regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Saintjoan View Post
    All games have some sort of grind-a-thon problem. It's the way of MMO's. If we want to play them, then we accept and deal with it.

    Perhaps so. But MMOs that continue to thrive find a way to make the "grind" enjoyable...or at least they make it bearable and worthwhile. MMOs that lose track of keeping the game "fun" have a history of losing players VERY quickly.


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