Hi, is there something wrong with Sirranon?

I created a few chars, tried to play them through the blackwold jail instance at the start of game. The instance just hangs after u rescue celandine and cut-scene, when u are ready to leave the dungeon.

It just hangs, and when u reboot the client, you will find ur char right at the beginning again. have tried this on chars of several classes


Another more minor problem, i have been experiencing this from time to time, mainly on servers Gwaihir, Laurelin, Sirranon, a rare occurrence happens in the dungeon at the start, when Aragon asks you to spar with him. For some reason, it may be possible to reduce his HP below 0 and he just dies on the ground. Ur char will then be left stuck in the dungeon. becos he is dead, the grille behind of him stays locked, and you will have no option but to relog, delete that char and start again.