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    Quote Originally Posted by scorrp10 View Post
    A sticky on this board about battle of Helm's Deep.

    And yeah, they ARE confusing until you run them a couple times. I also highly recommend looking up Epic battle videos on Youtube.

    What server are you on?

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    Too bad. If it were Crickhollow, I ciuld show you the ropes...

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    They really should have been made optional content as they are a huge turn-off for a lot of players! Players spend huge amounts of time carefully building up their characters, learning how best to use their class skills, completing all the grindy stuff to earn their trait points etc and then........... Big Battles! A system that basically ignores everything you have ever done and learned in the game up to that point and expects you to grind through a contrived system that makes you develope a load of different stuff that you are never going to use again once you manage get past them. It makes you wnder what they will come up with next, compulsary PvMP???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammadryad View Post
    It makes you wnder what they will come up with next, compulsary PvMP???
    We can only dream. I haven't PVP'd regularly in years, but it would be worth it just to see all the crying on the forums.

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    Seriously, do not be afraid to ask for help on LFF. People who spent the time and effort to build up their BB skills will often be glad to make use of those and help a fellow adventurer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rognomli View Post
    Just do them with someone else and check the stickied guide to Big Battles in the forums, it will take you less than 15 minutes to read the guide and you will learn all the important stuff you need to know. If you spent time doing all those slayer deeds (which aren't even remotely needed for progression) then succeeding in Big Battles will take you 1/10 of the time you spent for deeds.
    Where is this stickied guide?


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