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Thread: Hey Devs

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    Talking Hey Devs

    Just wanted to stop in here and thank you so much for the love and thought you have put into the current state of PvMP. You've really proven to me that you genuinely care about me as a consumer to your product by putting in the great effort in the moors that you have for both Freeps and Creeps.

    I get three shot instead of one shot, so I must thank you for that. It could be a lot worse, but due to your love and care for all of your fan base, you make it a fun and enjoyable game for everyone. It really shows us that you don't want ten years of a populated game mode with lots of history and uniqueness to die out, and that you don't want a dedicated group of players to leave your game.

    I know in your tender and caring hands this mode will only get better. I understand Freeps have to be a bit more OP than the Creeps due to lore, and that's fine, because it's not like we are all paying $15 a month to support you. We totally understand here on Creep side, and will continue to die in frustration while Freeps sit in our home port and spy on us and genuinely make the community a really great and loving part of the game.

    And we totally know you don't mean to encourage zerging, and we know that you are obviously working on it, and we also understand you're not just trying to squeeze every penny out of your pay to- oh hahah I'm sorry, the LOTRO store before this mode dies out.

    So coming from a ten year, loyal and loving fan, thank you.

    "Much love baby"
    -Latinafire some random time in OOC.

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    Truer words have never been spoken. +1 for genuinity!

    Oh, /signed!



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