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    Server Lag is Terrible

    server lag is so bad its almost unplayable seriously should do somthing it was never been this bad. with all the people out in the moors ( which is a good thing ) it means you have people paying to PvP even with the lag. i think the best thing you could do for pvp is make it so it dosnt lag lots of stuff needs to be fixed but the lag is the worst of all we cant enjoy big fights out here like we used to. when you see 40 creeps and 30 freeps out fighting each other you cant do anything even with numbers less than that. and forget about fighting in TA the server feels like it might explode. its just not fun when you cant do anything because of lag.

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    Last night I dropped some tasks at the TB in Forthbrond, and was 1/2 way to Isengard before the server acknowledged it.

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    Playing right now its taking 2mins just to get 1 skill off

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    The sad thing is:ssg doesnt care,they dont even Play their own game to realize whats wrong.
    only was is to spread to multiple Servers.
    Even on evernight(second biggest pvp server after arkenstone) lagg is excistent but not that hardcore as on arkenstone.
    at least 12-18 vs 12-18 is doable without huge laag.

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    Need to reduce lag? Kill all the LMs and RKs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corwelleon View Post
    Need to reduce lag? Kill all the LMs and RKs!
    lelele ya lm lag is really bad especially if they are in blue line (dont know why blue line is mehhh) sic em pet skill bar can lag out the server.



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