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    Premium Housing Bug?

    A while back, I bought a premium house and today I bought another one as I'd run out of decorating space and have lots of housing items to place. I was under the impression that you could have more than one premium house and there was no indication at all when I bought that that I would lose access to my old house. In my travel skills there is only one slot to the premium house (it goes to the new one) and I don't appear to have the ability to choose which one I go to. How to I get access to my old house? Do I still have it? There are a lot of items placed in my old premium house that I want access to like the crafting benches/forges, etc, and items I've got from festivals. It seems a bit of a swizz when you pay real money in order to get these houses and then not be able to access them.

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    House travel buttons

    In case you did not know, on your bar with all the skills, ports, etc. there is a port to premium house. Since I have 2 of them, it just picks one, not sure why. But if I want to go to a certain one, then I can go in to character skills & under travel there are 2 separate buttons to click to choose which one. Hope this helps.

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    You have not lost access to any of your houses but you only get one premium housing port skill, basically if you go to the character screen and then House, you will see a list of all your owned properties. You can from that screen select which house you want to port to. Your premium housing port skill will then by default always take you to the last property selected by you, so it will take you to House A unless you tell it to take you to house B via the housing list screen, then it will always take you to house B unless you tell it to take you to A again.. I hope that makes sense? I have multiple premium houses so I have hot keyed that housing screen to open up without going through the character panel.



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