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    I know you're fed up with it

    But can you suggest me a fresh new class for the High Elves as the Mordor expecs are at a 20% discount atm

    I'm a -soon to be- 5 years old player, I have a 95 Champ and he is the only character I leveled to the cap (in the days of yore).

    I really don't mind being a ranged/melee/magic guy however being face to face with the enemy makes me feel better and somewhat more heroic ^^

    I am currently leveling a Hunter, also tried a warden before too, hunter is 24 and warden is 34 now, actually I enjoy both, hunter even more but every time I see 10 hunters around me and no other class I get somewhat demoralised.

    I do not focus on group content at the moment but who knows what the future might bring? Maybe I'll be enjoying raids a lot? For this fact, I do not want to be the guy who begs for free slots in raids.

    I thinks LMs are cool, especially after getting the sword after lvl 40, but I don't seem to enjoy their skills (as far as i checked from lotrowiki) aaand pets i am not quite fond of.

    Because of the reasons mentioned above, I though about leveling a Captain because he is a jack of all trades but so is warden minus the supporting capabilities of cappies, but I really do not like AI companions though I find the herald system somewhat of a "recruitment" from the local towns so I'm not too sad with it - I guess. However I have a bad habbit of running Explorer on my main and according to the main, having the required crafting alts, for the Captain I'd need an Armourer and an Armsman excluding the accessories and the foods ( Remind me if I forgot any) and that,, kinda puts me down.

    I know this has been very long but saying "suggest plz" isn't really helping anyone so I thought it was necessary to give at least some info about meself, also I'm a huge RPing nerd who -if can not relate the class with himslef- will gladly delete the toon, absolute maniac.

    Thanks in advance.
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