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    Dec 2017
    Boston, MA

    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 54

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    Jul 2008
    "What's your favorite title?"

    I like Happy to Help
    Pinched - Burglar - Founding member of the Kin that Says Nii on Landroval.

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    My Favourite Title. This is tricky.

    Ah yes it would have to be 'The Brilliant'

    Thats my narcissism coming through though.

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    I would Love to have the "Ever On and On" title. Is that something we all get after having an account for 10 years? (I think I'm close!)

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    Apr 2015
    Survivor of the Barrow-downs

    Why? Because it's rare! And when you consider how many Original Challengers are now playing on Arkenstone, you understand, that this title is probably the rarest one on this server

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    Aug 2013
    Slug-squasher (to brag about my excellence in squashing)

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    Feb 2016
    Boristown, Oabular
    The Unwise, for eating a delicious piece of cheese.
    When Life Gives You Rotten Lemons, Your Lemonade Will Taste Horrible !

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    The Netherlands
    I love titles.

    "the chosen-one"
    "the unwilling"
    "the unbroken"
    "my worth is undefined. I can tear down enemy armour, boil their blood, sap their strength, slow their speed, read their weaknesses.... I can summon the thunder, bend the earth. Struck their feet. Blind their eyes. Test their will. Know this, and fear" - Self declaration from Boarcas Orcpelt, before advancing through the gate of Elendil

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    Bringer of Light
    I hear the jury's still out on science...

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    Middle Earth, Arda

    Lightbulb What's your favorite title?

    There are too much nice tittles that i can't pick only 1. So i just use 1 different on each alt of the many a like.

    ~ Check my Kinship at Gladden server: The Fate of Middle Earth ~

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    Hmm, so many titles to choose from... I like "the Sly and Cunning" which comes from getting all the fox pets! Good title for a burg.

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    Weekly Comment

    I like the Brave title

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    Sep 2011
    Explorer and Adevnturer.

    To the point and describes what I'm there for.

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    The Thorough

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    Jun 2011
    "What's your favorite title?"

    I am known as a Hobnanigans Hall of Famer to those I meet in my travels.

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    May 2011
    What's your favorite title?

    My favorite is 'The Well Met' because it is rare and only for those that have met the staff IRL.
    XanThorr the Well-Met
    "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"

    ~~Beeornfree 115 Beorning of Evernight~~Xanthorr-1 110 High Elf Hunter of Evernight
    ~~Beeornfree 98 Beorning of Gladden~~Xanaxier 105 Guardian of Gladden~~Xanthorr-1 104 Hunter of Gladden
    ~~Beeornfree 108 Beorning of Landroval
    ~~Beeornfree 60 Beorning of Arkenstone~~Xanthorr 35 High Elf Hunter of Arkenstone
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Brandywine~~Xanthorr 30 High Elf Hunter of Brandywine
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Crickhallow~~Xanthorr 37 High Elf Hunter of Crickhallow
    ~~Beeornfree 52 Beorning of Anor~~Xan 51 High Elf Hunter of Anor

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    Pie-eating Champion!

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    Apr 2012

    What's your favorite title?

    "the Odoriferous."

    "Rider of Rohan" is the one I usually go with. But I love the word "odoriferous."

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    "Purveyor of Odd Things" is my favorite.

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    USA, Louisiana

    What's your favorite title?

    Well, I have over 1000 titles (yes i'm completionist) but the best title for me is "Thoughtful Friend"
    Pontin Level 120 Hobbit Burglar Leader of Second Breakfast Crickhollow Server.
    Alts: Legoan Elf Hunter, Belladonea Hobbit Minstrel, Unnari Dwarf Guardian, Jorunn Man Captain, Sallyberry Hobbit Warden. Maradoc Hobbit Hunter. Laurelin Server, Edwell Man Hunter.

    Here's a guide to making ABC files and my Screenshots of Middle-Earth. Also can follow me on Twitter for Adventures in Middle Earth and more!

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    I’m not telling you. But thank you for reminding me to get it during the spring festival. Or I’ll have to wait until next year.

    By the way, I think both the spring festival and the hobnanigans are now through April 8th, because they both end at “4/9/18@3am”, according to one of the official threads. But in lotro beacon you said “LOTRO Bonus Days brings you The Spring Festival now through April 8th and Hobnanigans now through April 9th!”

    By the way again, why didn’t you put the information of the discount of thr Mordor™ Ultimate Fan Bundle and the Mordor™ Collector's Edition into lotro beacon?
    Last edited by LightGatherer; Apr 05 2018 at 08:48 PM. Reason: possible grammar mistake

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    Dec 2016
    In the woods

    Favorite Titlle?

    Probably have to go with Easily Lost.
    Now what am I here after?

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    Weekly Question 54

    Well, Smaug did seem to think that "barrel rider" was quite impressive...
    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    There are sooooo many awesome titles, but I like to keep it simple, so I usually go with "of the Seven Stars".

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    The Righteous! Because that's how I am in real life.


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