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Thread: disappointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post

    I would recommend blue-line LM with your bear, though. Survivability is a lot stronger and pretty important in Mordor.
    That's good advice. Thanks!
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    Eagles can help, too, with their good evasion. They just cannot as easily grab the aggro from mobs. If their pathfinding skills were somewhat better (ie they would fly across a step in the landscape, and not make a wide berth around the edges, pulling everything on their way) they would be my pet of choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondee View Post
    Although I love the new areas I am NOT a fan of being forced to group to get classes through an area as has been done with mordor and some of what I'm seeing in the latest. I have never thought of deeds as grinding but the repetition of these dailies are no pleasure unless you like dying over and over on some classes and on a few of my toons - not being able to move forward at all unless a group of even one person can be found. Solo play is my relaxation not HAVE to group up to clear areas. Very disappointing the devs couldn't come up with quest hubs etc to do instead of the boring grind of dailies to move ahead with gear. I have bought all expacs and looked forward to the new content up to now. If this is what is to come in future I won't be wasting my money on more and that is something I never thought I'd say in regards to LOTR.
    Click bate/waste of a thread you should have no problem in the new area if u have mordor quest gear and if u need a group make one its an ONLINE game for a reason if u dont want to group play shadow of war


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