Hello all!

Long time LOTRO player here who recently came back to the game looking to rekindle some creative juices. I'll try not to get them everywhere, I promise. So I decided to start a blog. The goal being to create a character from level 1 and tell his story almost like a novel as we go, hopefully taking us from those hesitant first steps all the way to the fires of Mount Doom. I have my intro post up and the first story (book) chapter. So I hope at least some of you might get a hint of enjoyment in coming along for the journey. If you do like it don't hesitate to spread the word! As Tolkien would say, Fantasy is escapist and that is its glory. We need to grab as many people as we can and escape together!

I will try to post one-two updates a week, RL depending of course. I appreciate you taking time to read and even if you don't, I wish you good travels!