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Thread: Alt Equipment

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    Alt Equipment

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that will show my alt's equipment and their stats (referring to the equipment not the overall alt). I know that AltInventory and TitanBar let me see what's in my alt's inventory, vault, and shared storage, but unless I'm blind, I don't see an option in these plugins to show my alt's equipment.

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    I use AltInventory and you are correct. It cannot see anything that is equipped. I mostly use it as a way to see who's running low on various crafting mats or consumables. There are also items where it cannot read any stats. I don't know of any plugin that manages this. Probably a lua limitation.
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    There are two reasons for this. First was a long standing client crash due to the GetEquipment API call - AltInventory used to show equipped items until that crash started and equipped items had to be removed. I finally decided to remove all non-inventory displays and put them in a separate plugin so that such crash bugs wouldn't impact the core AltInventory functionality in the future. It took over two years for Turbine to finally fix the bug and in the intervening time I stopped playing alts and lost interest in re-implementing equipped items (they were supposed to be re-implemented as part of AltViewer, a separate plugin).

    The second reason is the limited capabilities for re-displaying equipped items. There is no way to programmatically retrieve an actual item ID from an equipped item, only the name, category, description, icon information, etc. but not the actual Item ID that is needed to recreate the item for future redisplay. Additionally, no useful stat info is exposed by the API so the display is of limited usefulness - without the item ID there is no actual item so no tooltips, etc. The only time that an item ID is available via the API is when the item is dragged by the user which generates a shortcut which actually contains the needed info. So equipped items work fine for the currently logged in character but to be useful they need to be re-creatable for characters that aren't logged in and that isn't possible with the limited API.



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