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    Music in New Area - I want to buy it!

    The music in the new area is so beautiful. On the steps of the Lonely Mountain, the bells of Dale, the combat music! Each area has such distinctive motifs, well suited to the areas.

    Is the soundtrack available for purchase anywhere?
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    It really is beautiful music, I love it too. Well done to the composer/performers!
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    I like the "fight" music so much I kind of linger when wolves attack me, turn my back and not fight back just because I like listening to it. I'd also like to purchase this - I actually listen to LOTRO music in my car driving home from work each day - great stress reliever.
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    10/10 would buy the soundtrack.

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    The music in the new area is great, just love the different themes. And those lovely bells!
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    I agree with everyone above, I think this is some of the best music in the game aside from Chance Thomas' work! I'd love it if a soundtrack was released.

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    This is a discussion that I've had with a few people in the office and it's something that I'd love to release. There are a few wrinkles to iron out and I need to find the time for it (so I obviously can't give a time frame), but we'll let you know when this becomes available.

    (Also, I'm certainly glad to hear that you're enjoying it!)

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    I Love it too! There are some on youtube

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    Me too!

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    Yippee! Thanks, Darth, for letting us know the music might become available.

    And very well done. You're a talented composer, and your arrangements are lovely!

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    Is there already housing music available of the new areas? If not, please consider adding it?



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