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    Quote Originally Posted by Hejazia.Arkenstone View Post
    While I appreciate your theory-crafting skills, that is simply not the case. Buying a LOTRO account would be like buying already expired food.
    That would suggest that you made multiple forum accounts "just in case." Of course, not being a DBag would have saved you the trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnenna View Post
    Ermm, can you please stop? I don't feel as if I'm being trolled with his questions, so I'll just answer them politely, as they have been asked politely. I don't recall anyone even remotely suggesting that FI boxes should be gated behind t2. Some players run FI's on t1, and some run them on t2. It's as simple as that. I'm not sure what your beef is, but I'll bow out of my own thread, and let you get on with it. I have no fight with you. Have a good night.
    Arnenna just ignore them; if no one acknowledges a troll's post it becomes irrelevant.

    Moving on, I enjoy Gortheron wing the most and would love to see it as an FI. It would encourage people to run all of OD since you have to run the first 2 to unlock 3rd one. Are you on Evernight? If so I hope I see you around and we can join up a group
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    Star Trek Online introduced the 'Endeavor' System last year. That is more limited than FIs, what it does is, give certain Activities and 'Instances', three times a week per Account to complete said Activities and get extra Rewards. That has a large rotation of Instances and things like inflicting x amount of damage from certain weapon types, kill y number of this or that, craft z, heal xy 'morale', run PVP Queue, etc.

    What it did do was get people to run Queues that were not being run anymore.

    The more you put into rotation the more diverse the experience. It's a shame that all those non-scaling Instances don't. They'd be fun to run at different levels including to cap.
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