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    Laurelin Wilderness Roleplay

    Though it's difficult to say whether roleplay is down across the board, wilderness RP certainly is, its absence being remarked by its proponents. Now by popular acclaim, several of us have come together to make a new kind of roleplay kinship to breathe new life into this neglected area of story and character development. And at the same time, a kinship that avoids the trap of segregating roleplay within its membership to the exclusion of the rest of the game world. Enter Company of the East Road -

    A kinship based around the East Road, and all the commerce, adventures and plain meetings of people that transpire upon it. Unlike most kinships which are monoracial or regionally based, the East Road stretches from Thorin's Hall all the way to Erebor, cutting through the earliest zones as well as the current endgame ones. Being unshackled from these two restrictions, the kinship has a more universal allure. The advantage of this, we think, is that the kinship has a great potentiality to grow large. With this in mind, our goal is to act as an umbrella kinship for all wilderness roleplay on Laurelin, thereby creating a wonderful economy of scale from which everyone and the whole roleplay community benefit.

    The (optional) backstory: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/46019

    Any interest?
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