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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    One does not simply walk into Prancing Pony

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    After I wave g'day to Butterbur, I see the cozy fire, where I can sit, put up my road-weary feet and have a nice relaxing puff on my pipe and slurp of my ale while listening to the bard.

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    The usual riff-raff.

    On every server. All 12 of them, and sometimes also on Bullroarer.

    Where is my "Dead Hobbits Society" title?

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    The Barber. He stairs at me strangely. Cocks his head to the side with a vague distant look of someone trying hard to remember.
    "How do?" I ask him.
    "Good - Good" he replies with a nervousness I fail to understand.
    "Can I help you" resonates from his bellowing voice. "Just the usual" I reply.
    "I'm sorry have we met?"
    I stand there for what feels like an age before stating "its me, ........Jock!"
    The barber I have been seeing for the last ten years then says - "Really! What the hell happened to your face?"
    "Ahhh - let me turn off the avatar update in options......."
    "Jock, my boy!! Come and sit beside the fire. What will it be, the usual?"
    "Yup, short back and sides
    As he tosses my fallen mane into the fire and the crackle of hair hits my ears, I hear one of the 2 hobbits dancing on the table say "Sure I know a Baggins. He's over there, Frodo Baggins."
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    When I did it last time I could only remember a drunk hobbit dancing on the table. Because I was there in company with Bingo Boffin
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    I see ppl wondering HOW did Bingos guy Bert Bartleby manage to take the very own Sign of the Prancing Pony!!

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    Several wanderers are checking what to answer this question

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    The Cat that has spent the last 11 years lazily occupying the only chair in front of the fire.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?



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    I see a Baggins, a Brandybuck and a Took looking at me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XanThorSr View Post
    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    I see the bartender having a pint ready and waiting for me.
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