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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 50

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    Female Elves. Too be error-free, The Seven Daughters of Vanyalanthiriel.
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    A bartender, some musicians, eating NPCs, maybe some RPing players and in most cases some afk players.
    Diskutierer, Fragenbeantworter, Twinker, Händler, Handwerker und Gründer der 'Gemeinschaft der freien Völker' auf Belegaer.
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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    I see the bartender having a pint ready and waiting for me.
    XanThorr the Well-Met
    "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"

    ~~Beeornfree 116 Beorning of Evernight~~Xanthorr-1 111 High Elf Hunter of Evernight
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    ~~Beeornfree 108 Beorning of Landroval
    ~~Beeornfree 60 Beorning of Arkenstone~~Xanthorr 35 High Elf Hunter of Arkenstone
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Brandywine~~Xanthorr 30 High Elf Hunter of Brandywine
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Crickhallow~~Xanthorr 37 High Elf Hunter of Crickhallow
    ~~Beeornfree 64 Beorning of Anor~~Xan 51 High Elf Hunter of Anor

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    Nothing, because I have my eyes closed.
    When Life Gives You Rotten Lemons, Your Lemonade Will Taste Horrible !

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    The haze of drunkenness.

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    Too many people playing the half fiddle and being mad about it
    Fincin of Landroval
    Level 105 Minstrel
    *Les Beaux Chapeaux Bandleader * Transciber, Kin Leader
    Founder of the Hobbit Coalition for Giving us Bunny Cosmetic Pets
    Hugger of Bunnys

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    Weekly Question 50

    Stars...and/or darkness. Walking into a prancing pony would probably knock one unconscious.

    PS: Happy 50th edition, Beacon!
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    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    You walk in to the prancing pony what do you see?

    An angry horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

    Ok so usually when you put out a kinship ad, you state in the beacon what server the kinship is on. But this time, people have to click the link just to find out. Fix please?

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    When I walk into the Prancing Pony all I see is a lot of Big Folk’s Butts.
    Being short has very few disadvantages, but one of them is the View in a crowded room.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    The bartender killing a troll to make his "Blind troll Stout" drink.
    Pontin Level 130 Hobbit Burglar Leader of Second Breakfast Crickhollow Server.
    Alts: Legoan Elf Hunter, Belladonea Hobbit Minstrel, Unnari Dwarf Guardian, Jorunn Man Captain, Sallyberry Hobbit Warden. Maradoc Hobbit Hunter. Laurelin Server, Edwell Man Hunter.

    Here's some Screenshots of Middle-Earth taken over the years, and screenshots of different Cosmetic outfits I've put together.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    A world I've dreamt for a long time of visiting.

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    I walk into the Prancing Pony. What do I see?

    I see a lot of different folk craning their necks to see others play their favourite tune on those new Fiddles you can buy at the inn's musician, laughing at the wrong German translation into "Flöte" (which is flute in English) and dancing on the tables. So I join in playing this so called "flute" myself (and thanking the havens that my game is in English) and having a lot of fun! (thanks by the way for the Fiddle SSG, it's amazing! :-) )

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    Barliman Butterbur trying to remember a message he was told to relay to me.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    First, a black screen with all the floaty names bunched up in the upper-left hand corner.

    Then an empty, motionless barroom.

    One by one, people materialize into view in their underwear. Some skip and hop jerkily across the floor; most stand still.

    I stand rooted to the spot as cloaks furl and flap, and pets spring out of the wooden floor for the first time.

    In the minute that passes, I realize how old my modem is and that I should stop coming to Bree at peak hours.

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    Jan 2015
    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?


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    A barber, a vender called Butterbur, a quest giver called Aragorn, and a port to Rivendell called Gandalf.

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    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    Sorry, what happens in the Prancing Pony stays in the Prancing Pony.

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    Aug 2013
    Hobbits! Hobbits everywhere! On the benches, under the tables, in the barrels...

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    Jan 2013
    Mithlond, Eriador, Middle-Earth, Arda, Eä
    My good ol' friend Barliman Butterbur!

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    Sep 2013

    You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?

    Well, ol´Barliman of course!

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    "You walk into the Prancing Pony, what do you see?"

    Barliman Butterbur with Bob and Nob makes three!

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    I see 500 Lotro Points are waiting for me ahead
    Wose, Huorn, and Earth Kin are playable races; when will that day come true?

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    Still believe in my lucky random comment!


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