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    War Steeds in Mordor

    I love war steed combat, but they haven't been upgraded since gondor was intro'd. Did fine until mordor & there even a heavy warsteed in blue gets dismounted in a couple of enemy hits is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaystarWarrior View Post
    I love war steed combat, but they haven't been upgraded since gondor was intro'd. Did fine until mordor & there even a heavy warsteed in blue gets dismounted in a couple of enemy hits is ridiculous.
    I'm another one who likes mounted combat, steeds can use some attention but i doubt ssg is going to do anything. Getting dismounted in Mordor was very annoying so my champ switched his heavy steed for medium. Run with sacrifice skill active and the steed takes no damage-no more dismounts, you take the damage instead but you can heal yourself while riding/fighting.

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    Yeah, it's just stupid. I love mounted combat; they really need to keep it up to date.

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    I love Mounted Combat myself as well...It would be a Great if they would update it and included the saddle as well.

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    Ground is to broken for mounted combat. *

    The mobs in Mordor are bigly.

    You and a few others may enjoy mounted combat, but many others do not and have loudly voiced that opinion.

    Mounted combat was only brought in because of the Rohan Expansion and after the battle of Pelannor Fields is no longer needed.

    Mounted combat is to laggy, even on many strong machines, to remain viable until changes are made to the underlying programming.

    Pick one of the above or add your own reason, but I think mounted combat will make a return some time, some place.
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    We still get mounted combat exp, but warsteeds still have 70 level cap. It's just huge amount of wasted exp. With 115+ level enemies, warsteed looks like joke. They need increase level cap to 90 or even 100 and increase stat skills from 7 to 10.

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    Yep I love war-steeds too. When I asked dev stream if they will get streamlined or update both devs just look at each other and laugh even kinmates. I honestly dont see what is so funny about that. They need to be update and zones need to accommodate to them. Why have them if not.

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    I wish they would simply scale the warsteeds so they could stay relevant for those of us who do like them. I don't expect new skills or abilities, that's fine. But I shouldn't get my war steed knocked out from underneath me in 2 hits of a normal on-level mob. This is just trying to get from point A to point B, I can't imagine how ridiculous it would be if I even tried fighting on level! It feels like a terrible waste of a really fun mechanic.

    Surely it can't be too much trouble to make health points and damage skills scale up a certain percentage with our characters like all other skills do?

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    I also like mounted combat and I really think they could make some small changes to it that would be a big improvement. Scaling mounts up would be one step.

    The core issue IMO is the fury mechanic. It is difficult to try to stay at top speed to produce the best dps, lag and rubber banding making it much worse. I think they should make some mounted skills generate fury and not just speed. Fury should take longer to dissipate too. That way you wouldn't be forced to maintain high speed and negotiate tough terrain and pull lots of other mobs while focusing on your target.

    Some classes like hunter work better with speed fury building but other classes are at a disadvantage. I had a blast on my hunter in Rohan with those tough fast mobs, forcing them to stay alongside me while I shot them. Other classes were not so much fun. Perhaps ranged classes would stay speed fury based and melee would be skill fury based?

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    I am quite fond of MC. Use light steed, fast very maneuverable, maxed out FA bridle. But in Mordor, I mostly use it as fast transport only. I definitely can gallop through a bunch of spiders in Lhingris without much trouble, but fighting stuff... was not so bad in Dor Amarth but it defintely took a lot longer to kill stuff from horseback than dismounting and going hand to hand.

    It would be nice to see mounts updated but that might have balancing issues.

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    I am successfully doing MC in Mordor and the only drawback I can think of is to not pull more than two mobs at the time and anything above 80K Morale is a solo only. I can take down pretty much anything up to 113 (and about that amount of Morale) after that it gets harder or impossible. Don't forget to use scrolls of empowerment on you steed relics, and switch them for upgrades if needed.

    The usual tips are still relevant, mind your steeds power, trait for recovery and don't rush your attacks / defenses.

    Upgrades to MC is still very much wanted..

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