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    Questions about roleplay and origin at character creation

    Hello everybody, I just got all the expansions for this game and am looking forward to playing through them all. But before I do I have a few questions about roleplaying ideas. First of at character creation there is an origin. I have always selected a Gondorian, because thats where my favorite characters are, but am becoming a little, okay a lot ocd about the skin color. I noticed that when I look on screen I notice a lot of pink red color across the face even though I selected pale on the color slider. I frustrated and want to do bree origin where the colors are more manageable. But then could I select the bree origin and still be a gondorian. My reason is that he was born in Gondor but his parents moved them to bree for fear of Mordor. I mean he would have the traits of a gondorian; black hair, pale skin, grey eyes etc. Also I looked up what happens later on and I see you can get the title honorary ranger for the dunaidain and kinsman to the ithilien rangers. I love rangers, but I know there will never be a class for them. So I am thinking for story purposes that my character does not start out as a ranger, but grows to become an honorary ranger in title only. So what class would you guys recommend. I love the bow, since I took archery class in college, but I also love melee. This may seem like a ramble and Im sorry if alot of this does not make sense so I will try to summarize. Can someone with Bree origin still be a gondorian, and what class would be good for a wanabe ranger. Please help I want to play this game, but my ocd is holding me back.

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    Mind dividing up your post into a few paragraphs? It's a bit hard to read your wall of text.

    Firstly, opening up the character creator and adjusting the sliders for skin color to the top left makes all characters very pale- so much so, that when you swap between the four origins, the differences are exceedingly tiny. Doing it with Gondor, I don't see any pink tint- it's not the same pale as Bree-land, but it's still well within the range of pale for all 4 origins. Are you sure that you're going up and to the left, and not just left?

    Moving on however, what you're describing as the traits of a Gondorian (pale skin, black hair, grey eyes) actually isn't true for the most part- that's only wholly true for the Dunedain Rangers of the North. While Gondorians can hold these traits, that's usually a sign of blood that hasn't intermingled as much with the populations of Middle-earth, which is usually part of some noble families. The majority of Gondor's population actually has done some mingling, and this in turn means that depending on the fiefdom, skin color can range from pale, tall, and strong, to short, a vanishing metabolism in middle age, and skin of a much darker color.

    Compare and contrast Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil the Lord of the Belfalas fiefdom, to Angbor, Lord of the Lamedon fiefdom.

    Quite the difference, isn't it!

    So no, you don't have to take after Aragorn to look like a Gondorian, only if you want to look like the Dunedain Rangers or some branch of the upper nobility (and unless the reason for your chars' parents leaving starts and ends with 'political scandal', nobles probably aren't going to be going to Bree as refugees). The Ithilien Rangers are also as diverse as Gondor's main bulk of the population.

    That being said, if you want to use the Bree color palette and make the character from Gondor, go ahead, it's your roleplay! However, keep in mind that:

    1. You will not recieve the title 'Of Gondor', and any titles relating to modern Gondor (modern in context of the late 3rd Age) is not until you get to the level 95-115 range.

    2. The random name generator will only pick names that fit Bree-landers, and not Gondor. You'll need to pick a Sindarin name beforehand (as that is what is used for names in Gondor).

    3. You actually can't get properly grey eyes for either Bree or Gondor- Bree ranges from green to brown, and Gondor's ranges from blue to green. Dale, with it's brown to blue range, is much more suited to get grey eyes. But like I said earlier, grey is actually the exception rather than the rule for Gondor.

    As for which class is closest to being a Ranger, Hunter, no question about it. Be careful though- wannabe Rangers are a dime a dozen to the point that they've become a meme alongside Legolas ripoffs, though on Laurelin, I know that proper roleplaying as Rangers exists- at least, for the Dunedain. If someone who does that could please stand up, it'd be appreciated.

    Lastly, keep in mind that the Ithilien Rangers are a very different beast and entity from the Rangers of the North. The former have, by the time of the game, become Gondor's guerilla ops against Mordor, and quests in the game with them throughout South Ithilien and Osgilliath are all about harrying and slowing down Sauron's troops.They aren't in the business of keeping everyone blissfully unaware of what's happening- there's no hiding the forces attacking Osgilliath, and eventually, massing within. Not all Rangers are the same- or, in the case of the blood of Numenor, equal.

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    First off thank you so much for the detailed response. I just have one final question. A lot of times in the book when Tolkien writes about Gondorians he say they have dark hair. Does that mean black or can it mean dark brown?

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    Yes, it does. Besides black, Gondor also has available varying shades of brown, though mostly on the darker side.

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    Once again thank you. But you also may have given me a great idea for a story. You said that a noble of Gondor would never leave for Bree unless it was a political scandal. I have looked for a motivation for my character and I think I have it. To restore his families name and honour. So my character may be the son of a gondorian noble but I can say he hails from Bree due to his families exile. Also for class I am thinking a warden not because.a lot of people think it is like a ranger. To me the Warden reminds me of a soldier, escpecially a gondorian one. What with a javelin sword and shield. What do you think?

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    Um, no. The Warden is actually the last thing that would be compared to a soldier. They're more a local militia-type situation that would be common in Bree and Dale. What you've got there aren't soldiers- they're town guards. On top of that, though you do have a variety of melee options, the only ranged options Wardens get are javelins. If you want your gameplay style be akin to a soldier, you don't go with Warden. If you want a basic infantry soldier, you should opt for Champion, Guardian, or Captain depending on if you like DPS, tanking, or buffing. If you want an archer, it's hunter.

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    Okay so Warden is out of the question. So what about the exiled noble gondorians who move to bree due to a political scandal. So his motivation is to restor his families honour?

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    That's totally up to you. But, your inclinations towards honor isn't entirely true for Gondor. Gondor, starting out, was much more of a scholary nation than a warring one, and has been transitioning into warring slowly courtesy of Sauron- which is probably no accident, considering that means Gondor begins to forget information that could prove helpful.

    If having a character obsessed with honor is important enough to you, it'd arguably be more fitting for that estranged nobles to be a Dwarf.

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    Not for nothing but your RP doesn't necessarily have to reflect the class you play unless you will be RP'ing as you quest.

    My warden uses cosmetics and RP's as a Gondorian who fled after his family's land was overrun by orcs, and now is a resident of Bree as a carpenter/cabinet maker. On the rare occasions he is involved in martial combat, his equipment is a bit shabby looking thanks to the cosmetic system.

    My minstrel doesn't RP as a minstrel, she's a farmer/cook in Bree, who just happens to be able to pluck a tune, albeit not very well, on a lute from time to time.

    My point is, don't let the class restrict your RP, and don't let your RP plans pigeon hole your class, unless you desire to wield a specific weapon type for RP purposes you can cosmetically alter your appearance to meet your RP.
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