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    LOTRO Beacon: Issue 47

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    "Mallosdes" is the elvish form of my name irl haha

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    What's the story behind your characters name?

    All the other good names were taken.

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    I had a very simple name that I had used in single player rp games for years. In Lotro, it was taken, so I just kept adding letters until it "took"!

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    What's the story behind your characters name?


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    What's the story behind your characters name?

    Pontin Is based on names like "Ponto" and "Porto" in Appendix C

    Finnberry is based on "Huckleberry Finn" name.
    Pontin Level 130 Hobbit Burglar Leader of Second Breakfast Crickhollow Server.
    Alts: Legoan Elf Hunter, Belladonea Hobbit Minstrel, Unnari Dwarf Guardian, Jorunn Man Captain, Sallyberry Hobbit Warden. Maradoc Hobbit Hunter. Laurelin Server, Edwell Man Hunter.

    Here's some Screenshots of Middle-Earth taken over the years, and screenshots of different Cosmetic outfits I've put together.

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    "What's the story behind your characters name?"

    Random name generator, that's my story.

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    I go by Black, but it evolved. When I started playing Lotro in 2008 I noticed a lack of black characters in the world so I made a black man captain named Blatant. I became hooked on alts so I began naming other characters with the word black in the name. Funny enough I was once reported for naming a character Blackswan which I named because a black swan is a rare swan. Anyway because I had so many characters with the name black in them people just started calling me Black and it's now what I go by in every game and in chat when I talk to people in Discord.
    Been kicking around since 2008... Better days...:)

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    It's a legendary name, just legendary!

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    What's the story behind your characters name?

    XanThor is my original dungeons and dragons name from the 60s... It is a combination of Xan from the poem Xanadu and Thor from the mythology gods .
    XanThorr the Well-Met
    "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"

    ~~Beeornfree 116 Beorning of Evernight~~Xanthorr-1 111 High Elf Hunter of Evernight
    ~~Beeornfree 98 Beorning of Gladden~~Xanaxier 105 Guardian of Gladden~~Xanthorr-1 104 Hunter of Gladden
    ~~Beeornfree 108 Beorning of Landroval
    ~~Beeornfree 60 Beorning of Arkenstone~~Xanthorr 35 High Elf Hunter of Arkenstone
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Brandywine~~Xanthorr 30 High Elf Hunter of Brandywine
    ~~Beeornfree 29 Beorning of Crickhallow~~Xanthorr 37 High Elf Hunter of Crickhallow
    ~~Beeornfree 64 Beorning of Anor~~Xan 51 High Elf Hunter of Anor

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    What's the story behind your characters name?

    My main, Garan and one alt, Tresseldein, were PnP D&D characters from way, way, way back. Two of my alts, Seileth and Aerelynn were characters I created for Diablo III. All other alts were created for LotRO, some for RP, some for crafting, some just for storage.

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    I wanted to make a red bearded dwarf and just came out of a reread from the harry potter books, the result is less than favourable now :/
    The road goes ever on.

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    The name behind my character's name had to do with taking part of an old name and adding something that I thought worked well together and sounded kind of elvish.

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    Random name generator for me.

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    What's in a name?

    Randomly generated here too. Boring, I know.

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    Not so interesting are my primary main, who carries my rl name and my secondary whose name is elvish for my real name, BUT! my guardian's name is a bit more interesting. Way back in SoA open beta, I created a dwarf champion. Her name came from a name I'd used for a fun not-so little character in that game who shall not be named. The problem was...I didn't enjoy champion, so Hallane died a quiet death middle open beta. A few months passed, I had 4 characters by this point and was ready to try another class. I wanted to honor my previous character but also wanted to try a captain and give her a more appropriate looking name, so Hallaneth of Gondor was born. She made it to level 14, tried to run to Rivendell, was murdered by a BOAR on the switchbacks of doom...and sent to Archet. At this point I was starting to have my doubts about playing a captain. By this point, one of my kinnies had a guardian alt and promised to show me all the ways of the guarding, so a story was born. Hallaneth, the noble captain she was, had been called to Needlehole to escort some displaced families to safer homes. The caravan was ambushed by dourhands! Hallaneth and the others valiantly tried to save the hobbits, but alas, many perished in the battle. Hallaneth nobly gave her life to save one brave young hobbit lass, who from that day forward vowed to train as hard as she could that never again would those close to her die. Hallana (again, another name alteration to be hobbit-friendly) was born from the ashes and has been a noble alt ever since.
    Amandakay, Elweenia, Melda, Kerthryth, Hallana, and Yaavie of Arkenstone
    Enyalie of Ithil
    Formerly from Elendilmir
    Filling green bars since 2007

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    Weekly Question 47

    *Looks at bookshelf located behind character's nametag* Seems to be a copy of "Flatland".
    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    I'm in Gump's Gang ... what else is there to say.

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    My story goes over several years, and is more than 1000 pages long. Literally. And it has a sad background.

    My mother was getting sicker year by year, and in the end I was on continuous stand-by duty. This was not so much a question of heavy lifting, or washing or cooking, but being alert 24/7, even at night time. I turned into her extended legs, arms, eyes, ears, mouth, while she was bedridden. From the outside it looked as if I had ample time, but it was never really my time, as there could be an interruption at any given moment. So I began to write a novel for the sake of having something that would be mine alone, and would remind me that I was still there as an individual.

    This novel hasn't been published; yet many of the names that I use for my characters within the game are coming from it, and so does my forum handler. Albeit every now and then they had to be adapted, because their original form had already been taken.

    Greetings, Polymachos
    Räuberhöhle auf Belegaer, Breelandsiedlung, Ochsbott, Lange Straße 5. Vorsicht, Fallen!
    Awkward Anomalities Arena in Breeland Homesteads, 6 Long Street, Ersward (Landroval) - Minas Tirith under attack!

    Scared people tend to follow the flock, no matter which shepherd it has

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    So many characters... I try to chose names that fit the character backstory I want them to have, as well as fitting the playstyle and class/race combination of the character. I never know when I'm going to want to RP. Also, I'll sometimes fit in aspects I think are funny or that strike me in some way. Some have surnames, others not. Hobbits always do, humans sometimes, elves - not unless it works for a specific reason (see Trenzalor). And if I can fit a title in to make it even better or funnier, I'll sure do it!
    1. Amberwyn - elf hunter, variation of the character name I always used in D&D, UO, and WoW back in the day. Most of the time I use variations of Amber for my first characters, which are usually Paladin type characters, and they of course have red hair....and I'm not sure what happened on this one...because she is a hunter with brown hair.
    2. Hellina - Hobbit mini with red hair. surname Handbasket. I play her as a little bit unstable with her firey red hair. I'll try to find the picture when she had a firebug that I used as a profile picture for a very long time.
    3. Brookethorne - a rearranged conglomeration of a street name I liked that a friend lived on. Sounded feminine, but tough for my elf guard.
    4. Devalyne and Develyn (my captain and burg respectively) based on my own pseudonym in many games and on most forums: the burg's full name is Develyn DeSkyes (fairly obvious) - she has dark hair and eyes. I use this name on most of my rogue characters in most games
    5. Langnauriel - High Elf Champ, fairly new character, based on Sindarin word meaning (sword+flame) that fit what I wanted her personality to be as a champ...BLADES SO FAST THEY ARE ON FIRE!!.
    6. Skaia - elf RK - because she pulls power from the sky
    7. Mayhaw - my hobbit guard with a little round belleh! Her full name is Mayhaw Jelly. Stuff bounces off her, but she's sweet...like mayhaw jelly. For those who don't know, mayhaw is a small, round berry grown in the southern US.
    8. Trenzalor - my High Elf Lore-master....This was probably the most on-the-nose I've ever named a character. She's thousands of years old-ish and knows a lot...like...a certain Doctor of whom I am a huge follower. #whovianforlife - Surname is Neverforget

    On a funny note, I am also a huge fan of Firefly, so a few years ago, I jokingly dared my husband to change his captain's name to ....Tightpants. I was shocked when he did it. Captain Tightpants is still running around on Landy to this day. (Note: never dare your husband to do anything. EVER. lol)

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    It's just a name I liked the sound of.

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    A couple of my favorite names:

    Hardblo Soggybotton, The Odiferous - basically a fart joke masquerading as a name.
    Skruphi Wirebeard - People have told me that this is too true (of dwarves) to be really funny.
    Chedhar of Bree - I love puns!

    Well, I don't want to keep you here all day. I got a ton of alts and a weird sense of humor.

    A final note: I hope somewhere there is someone playing a Beorn named Jason!
    Last edited by Coruven; Feb 15 2018 at 08:40 PM.

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    My main is human and from Bree, so I chose a plant/tree name that I liked, which was Linden. I had the name Linden all through beta, but I was too ignorant of games to go to all servers and "reserve" the name, so unless its on Arkenstone, its a different Linden. She has a cousin who I wanted to be Holly, but that was taken, so I used Hollye.

    The really interesting one (IMO, of course) is my dwarf Guardian, Jodis Starkget. I got the name Jodis from some random dwarf name generator (NOT from this game) and I liked it because the Jo part is the beginning of my real name, and the -dis part recalls the mother of Fili and Kili, Thorin's sister Dis. You see, Jodis is female, and most all are too oblivious to notice. Even other male dwarves don't pay enough attention because they just ASSUME no female dwarf would be out in the world. Jodis just goes along with it, the better to avoid hassles. If you saw her, you might realize she's a little bit too pretty to be a male. Or not. The last name is a subtle giveaway too. Stark (strong) + get (goat) is from Old Norse. However, if I wanted to indicate a strong MALE goat, the name would be Starkbok (strong buck) or Starkbock. Get indicates a female goat.

    All my characters have reasons for their names and their own stories, but some of the reasons and stories are a LOT more fully developed than others.
    Linden Starfall, Leader of Mithril Crowns of Elendilmir and Arkenstone

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    Nephelli can be loosely translated to mean "pale light" which is what I aim to be. It may not be the brightest or biggest of stars, but still it shines on with what strength and light it has.
    Mae govannen

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    Mine was a dark joke liked as a kid...guess I never knew up from that.


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