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    U 21 corruptions Idea's marketplace.

    Wanted to make one of these once the dust has settled from the last "fast pass".

    While I have played a little bit on each class. I will only be commenting on black arrow(r14) as I have spent the most time on that class. A few of my friends and i have been using CA and field testing to figure out what all the changes actually mean for creeps.

    My favorite corruption set up this book-
    3x pmit 3x tmit 3x mastery 2x critrating (last slot is dealers choice, recommend = health, finesse, crit rating if you are lower ranked, or an extra mitigation based on your enemies.) This build suits me because with the 2 x crit rating,brutal persuasion class perk, and crit rating class perk you get to 25% crit chance, while only using 2 slots for the crits. This is a good build to use if you dont mind having IP unslotted, and is very nice in a group. Good build to start out with when you are not sure what is around.... the key with this one is the 2 crits+class/race traits to get to 25% crit. the remaining 10 slots can be used for what ever you need at the time, with out nerfing your crit too much. on several 5 minute parses ive founf that the 5% crit chance from slotting 3 crits to translate into about 2%-3% crit rating. In shorter parse 2 minutes it is actually less than that.

    Taking a lot of co-op debuffs & focus fire?
    5 tact mit, 4 pmit, 3 slots dealers choice ( 3 mastery, 2 crit+1hp/mastery, 3x hp) a defiler turned me onto this, basically you want to over cap mits to deal with their debuffs, but still have some room for extra morale or damage.

    Very long raid fight?
    6 mastery 3 tmit,3 pmit.... If you are lower ranked and missing crit rating feel free to boost it with 1-2 crit ratings in place of the mastery or pmit if they are light on hunters and champs.

    bunker build
    4 morale(hp) 4 tmit 4 pmit- fully drop damage to survive. you can drop the 2 lesser hp perks inleu of mastery or the 2 crit+race/class traits for a bit more damage. stay over 200k morale and at lease 4 of each mits.

    TLDR: 2 crit rating paired with all the crit rating corruptions, traits, and passives will give you 25% crit.
    5 tact mits will pit you on about 65% tact mits. with RK fire debuff you are @50% fire mits.
    1 HP #2 will give you about 20k morale.
    When you are running around try different traiting schemes out, these can be the difference between a kill and being killed to try stuff out and see how you like it.
    -with 3 finesse you will almost never miss or full b/p/e on a hunter or RK also VT healing debuff will almost never resist on a non-will class.
    -From what I can tell crit D is almost totally useless.
    -From what i can tell resistance is a wasted slot.
    -damage for power/health is about 1/4th as strong as a mastery corruption. do not use unless you have all mastery equipped.

    Please let me know what you think, i would love to see some build for the other classes posted here.
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    Another grouping build- 5 mastery, 1 crit, 3 of both miti. class/race crit rating traited.
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    4 of 5 Wargs I know slot 6 mastery/6 crit. Slotting mits or healthfors hardly makes a difference. Much better to have a chance to kill quick before you die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotlbeme View Post
    4 of 5 Wargs I know slot 6 mastery/6 crit. Slotting mits or healthfors hardly makes a difference. Much better to have a chance to kill quick before you die.
    keep in mind my suggestions are for BA primarily with grouping with at least one healer, or having healers around tagging you.
    when solo on warg yea I would agree glass cannon can be more effective, especially while most freeps are not over capping their mits for fell wrought.

    Even in a group, if you never take a hit then the miti suggestions are wasted slots.
    If you do take a hit your are dead in 2-5 crits, useless to the group you are running with. In a longer fight i would forsake over capping the crit rating in favor of mits, and perhaps 1-3 mastery for finesse/hp, as you staying alive and getting those crucial debuffs onto a healer/dps target will serve the group more than extra damage on a crit or a 10% heal on the chance you get the KB.

    While slotting miti does little to make any real difference when attempting to gank a weak target in the middle of a freep group before the healers get wise to your plan, those mitis go a long way when a defiler is trying to heal you through freep dps. in a group fight, a warg that dies in the first 10s of a fight is basically helping the freep's that have kill event based skills.
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    This is really an excellent topic, but with very limited replies... so here are a few ideas.

    First off, get the Corrupter Services item from the Special Items vendor so your toon can re-trait on the fly... it’s only 1,000 comms and worth every one of them.

    My base build is 3 crit(o), 3 mastery, 3 of each mit. That seems to work well for most of my toons as a point of departure - until I know what I am facing and who will be supporting me. I then retrait as necessary.

    For example, my WL is often a target when the Freeps are out (as most of us are). So I tank-up with 6 tac mits, 3 phys and 3 crit(d). I then lay down my melee buff and assign all the melee to my group to pay back in-kind and just try to hang on... seems to work well. If the Freeps are not out, I may have 3 crit and 6 mastery to rock an roll against PvE- help grab delving and keeps buffs etc - I add 3 mits or 3 crit(d) just in case.

    My BA often has 3 crit(0), 4 mastery, 3 tac mit and 2 phys as he can often evade burgs and champs and the real issue is tactical damage. I hit hard, keep traps down (traited for bleed) and rely on a defiler or WL to run with but can solo and 1 v 1 with this build.

    I agree pups are tough as mits may not keep you up. So, I go 9 on offense 3 crit, 6 mastery, and 3 on defense- crit (d) - maybe power for morale etc. Kill or be killed but have just enough defense or morale to retreat and come back...

    So, there you have my not so secret sauce. Looking forward to learning your secrets!


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    Up to date observations on what different corruptions do is a great topic for discussions!

    I stated what works from my warg. I used to run with 3/3/3/3 crit/mast/p-mit/t-mit which was fine when running with a group with (more) dps and heals.

    Glass cannon warg with a healer (and others) seemed more effective, plus solo v landscape or if you can surprise a non-OP freep was a bonus.

    I have two other classes I am playing with: Defiler and a Weaver.

    Defiler there are two main choices: Your own DPS, needed for solo OR Heals built for your own survival and grouping heals. r1-r7 I was mainly running solo or small fellowship. In a small fellowship, the Defiler would be pretty fragile when confronted by freeps in the DPS setup. I have since (r8) turned it into healer (pocket defiler!) and I bring it out when needed. I have to check on it but I am pretty sure I have 4 healthfor corruptions (H4D 1,2; H4P 1,2) 3 mastery 3 crit 1 crit d (and something else I'm not quite sure...)

    I'll check on spider, but that one is set up for damage, but not so much a glass cannon.

    Resists in my opinion are not worth slotting (you need 6 for the +5% health)

    Mits seem to be worthwhile in some builds.

    My question is if Finesse corruptions are worth anything at all.
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    On behalf of all of your psychological well-being, I will post this again:

    ~Rank 11 Loremaster, Arkenstone~

    ~Rank 13 Warg, Arkenstone~

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    RE: Resist corruptions. I have had pretty negative experience with them.
    BUT, with the increases it may not be a bad idea to grab some IF you are fighting against tatical dps.

    I see a group like 2 rk's, loremaster, minis and capi. This is a pretty standard group this update with lm's and rks being top of the food chain as far as power level.
    as a BA against this group I would think now that you want to devote 6 slots to damage(crit & mastery) and 6 slots to defense, just initial thoughts... maybe its more or less.

    When you break down your options for defense corruption options against this group.
    You have morale boosting corruptions, crit defense, tact mit, phys mit, and resistance.

    Crit D - I can not find a reason to trait this unless you are just out of thing that chould be of use. The base level of recently buffed crit D is enough and adding more does not seem to have an effect greater than your other options. I would love to see some tests on this with burg/hunter/rk crits.

    Morale- Great option once you have decent mits. I guess you can make the case of stacking only moral and then damage to feint a tank build. Usually I will shoot a arrow into something to test its mits, so i dont think that will pay ff very long. Also with defilers around this gets more valuable.

    Tact mit - Best mitigation for the class previously mentioned. although, with the debuffs freeps can manage, you will need to be aware of you exposure to their fire mit debuffs.

    Phys mit- against the group comp mentioned above, this is useless for the most part. unless you are trying to avoid capi dps and pet dps....

    Resistance - I am thinking against the group of tact dpsrs this may be a viable option. Its a RNG stat, but if you resist any of the + incoming damage buffs that group is laying down you will be better off with this over anything else. Lm puts a yellow -10% fire mit debuff. The rk does a -15% fire mit one. It may be that in select encounters resistance will serve you better. It is difficult to gauge because its a RNG stat as well as a semi broken game. Last i checked that skill you get for 6 resistances was broken and didn't remove anything really game changing.

    This also would stack with the 7% resistance food as well, which save the power food has the strongest %based buff of all of the rank 10+ foods.

    Id love some additional Input if anyone has tried out resistance against Rune Keepers and Lore masters specifically as those are the strongest tact classes at the moment. Reminder that Combat analysis still shows resist rates.
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    On Black arrow
    Can report 3x resistance paired with the 7% resistance food does seem to have an impact on RK's dps... when RNG is on your side.

    Not that this will have any significant out come on a 1v1, i may have had a better chance had i traited gash stun. But i did get closer to beating a rk 1v1, If i knew the class maybe it would make a difference. But i doubt it. The self heal they use while dpsing seems to have a short cd and hit harder than a uruk heal.

    Build i tried was 3 crit, 3 mastery, 3 resist 3 tmit. 7%resistance food.

    Even tho there were hunters/burgs around this build didnt hurt me much.
    It for sure helped my healers when the fire started pouring out.

    worth trying if tact dps is kicking your ###.
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    I recently added general suggestions for basic corruptions of each Creep class in a thread on managing raids. I think there is a difference between group play- (staying alive to get that next heal) vs solo play (kill or be killed). I also like to read what others are using for both solo or raids, so don’t be shy. Only 3-4 folks will comment on how stupid you are! :-)



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