Wanted to make one of these once the dust has settled from the last "fast pass".

While I have played a little bit on each class. I will only be commenting on black arrow(r14) as I have spent the most time on that class. A few of my friends and i have been using CA and field testing to figure out what all the changes actually mean for creeps.

My favorite corruption set up this book-
3x pmit 3x tmit 3x mastery 2x critrating (last slot is dealers choice, recommend = health, finesse, crit rating if you are lower ranked, or an extra mitigation based on your enemies.) This build suits me because with the 2 x crit rating,brutal persuasion class perk, and crit rating class perk you get to 25% crit chance, while only using 2 slots for the crits. This is a good build to use if you dont mind having IP unslotted, and is very nice in a group. Good build to start out with when you are not sure what is around.... the key with this one is the 2 crits+class/race traits to get to 25% crit. the remaining 10 slots can be used for what ever you need at the time, with out nerfing your crit too much. on several 5 minute parses ive founf that the 5% crit chance from slotting 3 crits to translate into about 2%-3% crit rating. In shorter parse 2 minutes it is actually less than that.

Taking a lot of co-op debuffs & focus fire?
5 tact mit, 4 pmit, 3 slots dealers choice ( 3 mastery, 2 crit+1hp/mastery, 3x hp) a defiler turned me onto this, basically you want to over cap mits to deal with their debuffs, but still have some room for extra morale or damage.

Very long raid fight?
6 mastery 3 tmit,3 pmit.... If you are lower ranked and missing crit rating feel free to boost it with 1-2 crit ratings in place of the mastery or pmit if they are light on hunters and champs.

bunker build
4 morale(hp) 4 tmit 4 pmit- fully drop damage to survive. you can drop the 2 lesser hp perks inleu of mastery or the 2 crit+race/class traits for a bit more damage. stay over 200k morale and at lease 4 of each mits.

TLDR: 2 crit rating paired with all the crit rating corruptions, traits, and passives will give you 25% crit.
5 tact mits will pit you on about 65% tact mits. with RK fire debuff you are @50% fire mits.
1 HP #2 will give you about 20k morale.
When you are running around try different traiting schemes out, these can be the difference between a kill and being killed to try stuff out and see how you like it.
-with 3 finesse you will almost never miss or full b/p/e on a hunter or RK also VT healing debuff will almost never resist on a non-will class.
-From what I can tell crit D is almost totally useless.
-From what i can tell resistance is a wasted slot.
-damage for power/health is about 1/4th as strong as a mastery corruption. do not use unless you have all mastery equipped.

Please let me know what you think, i would love to see some build for the other classes posted here.