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    Quote Originally Posted by Gertes View Post
    I would like to add, that something needs to be done with the might stat in general. Currently agility classes have to many much benefits sats wise, they get crit and physical mastery (same goes for will classes, wth mastery and tact. mitigation.) And might add´s nothing that would be usefull, additional to mastery.
    Maby you could add 1 more mastery point per might (so your are so mighty that your attacks hit harder), or something that I also would like, add a avoidance mitigation to it.

    I mean 2 out of the 3 best endgame DD´s currently are agility classes, with nearly 0 partial bpe problems. This is also a result of stat imbalance between might/agility/will (and partials ) that lead to the big gap we have currently between DPS classes.
    This is definitely part of the problem with the 'balancing' issue. Anyone who plays an Agility Class and a Champ sees it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ardollas View Post

    - Fix mitigations in general - obviously something is off with mitigations, as Light & Fire damage is the only thing that works well right now against 115 mobs in instances and raids. Either reduce enemy mitigations or scale up base skill damage values so that other damage types will not be weak.
    SSG should have realized this wasn't going to be fair to all classes as fire/light can't be used by all.

    Quote Originally Posted by zipfile View Post
    Edit: Rather than buff, nerf to top DPS classes and bring them in line with the champs. Increase fire mits on mobs and rest will sort itself out.
    If nothing else that would be fairer than what we have.
    "Never argue with a fool, it's difficult to tell the difference"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain9H View Post
    They do, otherwise they wouldn't bother with class balance.

    Also have in mind that new players on their first characters are getting frustrated mid-levelling when they learn their chosen class is considered "####" by many. That's my case, and many others I've talked to.

    The importance of class balance is more than replayability, it is mostly because people get personally attached to their characters. Being rejected in group setting is REALLY bad.
    Yeah. Here are some comments I've heard during raids recently. "You really don't need a champion for this raid" (heard that in two different raids). "That's what you get for playing a champ" (dying because too much aggro from AOE skills).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximilan View Post
    SSG should have realized this wasn't going to be fair to all classes as fire/light can't be used by all.
    I'm not sure this was entirely intentional. It may be something that had been broken for a while and was only discovered or magnified when the Mordor stat change came. It certainly doesn't seem like SSG was terribly concerned about the class imbalance, seeing as they only committed to class changes after several months of player complaints.

    Anyway, red and blue line though, are the ones which need more attention atm. Even if SSG solve the issue of mobs mitigation and avoids against melee, all striking skills will need a huge upgrade. I'd say something around 100% increase to be a viable dps option. They could tier remorseless strike too.
    For blue line, change to % most of the defensive skills will help a lot. But that line is so out of scale at 115 that I believe it'll take a lot of time to be viable again.
    Red and blue lines need to be addressed as well. Fixing mitigations should go a long way to fixing red line (It's pretty crazy that Devastating Blow can get a non-BPE, non-crit damage on one use, and the very next use with no changes to buffs/debuffs, it crits for 50k). I'm thinking the Vitality increase trait in blue, Might in red, and Finesse in yellow all need to be turned into percentage increases, since the stat addition has become fairly useless at level 106 (1k finesse was signifcant at level 105, now its nothing when one piece of gear comes with 10k+ finesse). With blue line, I would think that improving healing skill LI legacies may be a good way to go, but I'm less familiar with it, since I only have started with an end-game tank build.


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