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Something less useful I do is riding my warsteed EVERYWHERE. Since I got one I never rode another horse on my main character again. Even in places where it's very unhandy like cities, stairs, Minas Tirith (:')), the warsteed it is, even when I fall off of buildings, stairs, mountains, whatever (which doesn't happen too often though, I like to think I'm quite agile with it).
I did this for a long time. It does develop your manuevering skills for WS combat, even to the extent of being able to compensate for a little bit of lag. In RoR I would travel by WS instead of stable horse and kill a few mobs along the way. That made slayer deeds far less tedious.

Speaking of WS...

When I level a new alt I head to Langhold and get my WS as soon as possible. Then I return to Great River and resume questing. The GR quests do not give WS XP, but the trash drops like Punctured Shield can be turned in for tasks in Harwick. RoR task boards do give steed XP and the steed levels up quickly. By the time I actually start questing in East Wall and/or The Wold I've got a level 10-ish steed and enough Agility and Morale to consistently fight on horseback.