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    Huge Bag -hugebag

    The focus of the post: Is a plugin called "hugebag". It is an older plugin but very good in all of it’s functionality.

    Important features are:

    • Always in the frame of the screen widget or regular single bag pop up (as pictured above)
    • Possibility to check bags of other characters without loging onto them
    • Possibility to check Vaults of all characters without changing characters, with search capability.
    • As well as simple “Sort” and “Merge” buttons that I personally use very often.
    • Important reason for this post is my appreciation for the functionality of the plugin as well as current need for an external patch to be installed in order to have Vault and bags of other characters display vertically.

    This update is found here: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info996-ListBoxpatch.html

    Here is what this is all about:

    This patch is needed for many plugins (TitanBar, SortPack, HugeBag, …) that were last updated before Update 21.2 (10-Oct-2017).
    (In that update, Standing Stone Games changed the ListBox control, in a way that is not backward-compatible.)
    In general, if you’re using a plugin that hasn’t been updated recently, and it’s trying to show a list of items, but only the first one is appearing, you probably need this.
    For plugins that have been updated recently, this patch probably is not needed, but it is harmless

    On the Lotro Interface download page for the patch above it clearly explains how to install it.

    Thank you very much to all the people involved,
    Us burglars need them HUGE bags and with this double functionality of overview of the whole inventory, everywhere and a good looking bag, this one is a winner.

    In addition, There are other patches available from the Lotro Interface site and there is also a bit of discussion on this plugin right here in this forums.

    On topics like: How to increase number of spaces or disable default bags from opening up.
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