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    Lightbulb Legendary Items Customized Name

    I found this on the web:

    ... & made me think. Good Point! Now i must rename my legendaries to sweet & fluffy things. How you named your legendaries? Share your ideas here.

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    i m not going to write the names i m using on my LW/I coz i want them to keep being unique, i dont want other people to use the names i had worked for........
    but in this i ll share what i do ..........
    i always use names in tolkien languages, Sindarin, Quenya, even in Rohhiric (especially for my horces.......),
    names that have a meaning relative to my toons as i do with the toons names.........
    i always say "so stupid" when i see someone using a stupid name n unapropriate name or numbers, on toon or weapon or LI!
    i personally hardlly using comon language in naming(westron)
    have fun n choose your names wiselly!
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    I like ironic names, so my current FA bow on my hunter is named "Pin-shooter" - and my LI Sword is named "Pokey"...



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