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Thread: Captain Build

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    Captain Build

    Hi all! This is my first cappy, and he is now lvl 112. Before I go further in the build, I'd like some feed back on what I have already.
    Morale 75312
    Power 5890
    Armour 48084
    Might 8348
    Agility 267
    Vitality 13514
    Will 358
    Fate 1882
    Crit Rating 7217
    Finesse 9353
    Phys.Mastery 69603
    Tact. Mastery 68029
    Resistance 41184
    Crit.Defense 30872
    Inc.Healing 1147
    Block 37193
    Parry 34590
    Evade 16613
    Phys. Mit 49153
    Tact. Mit 35251

    Any feedback would be great appreciated. I kinda want a dps/tank hybrid. Thank you =)

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    What exactly is that that you are trying to accomplish? Raiding? PVP? Roleplaying? It doesn't even matter what stats are till you get 115

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    Thank you for the reply. Trying to get ready for T2 Mordor content, and Raids.

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    Captain is one of the most (if not the most) versatile classes in lotro and can be built / traited many different ways including but by no means limited to:

    - Landscape dps builds
    - Support spec with focus on buffing, utility and support dps
    - Support spec with focus on buffing, utility and support healing
    - Support spec with focus on buffing and extra focus on a specific utility (e.g. power restore via rallying cry, CC via routing cry stun, forced taunt via grave wound)
    - Tanking Spec (Full)
    - Tanking Spec (Hybrid with focus on buffing)
    - Tanking Spec (Hybrid with focus on healing)
    - All out healing specs

    With each build you then have a number of ways to you can build choosing between 2H weapons Vs 1H weapon & shield, armour sets, essences, relics, traits, consumables etc. I would highly recommend that during your time with Captain you experiment to see what you find most fun and never let anyone tell you what your doing is “right” or “wrong”. That is not to say that some builds will be more optimal than others for certain situations.

    Having said all that, if your interest is in getting into T2 content and raids I would recommend once you hit 115 the first thing you do is put together a red line spec with some points in blue (double instant rez and revealing mark) and focus on the support role needed by most raids where you are the primary buffer that also brings a lot of utility and support dps/healing to the raid. You will want to read through your trait line and skill descriptions in detail and understand how to keep all of your buffs up and when to use certain skills etc. For this build I would recommend a 2H weapon and emblem with appropriate legacies and relics. You can go 1H sword and shield, but I personally prefer 2H weapons in red line as this brings a bit more dps and will help you navigate landscape content better. In order to raid, I recommend you also start by having capped T2 mitigation’s (77,840 for heavy class) and a decent morale pool (around 100k) so you are stable in raids (captains should not fall over as we are those that rez and bring stability to a group and not those that need rezzing). After that you can build accordingly to whatever you enjoy most and benefits those that you run with.

    Secondly once you are confident with red line / support then I would put together a separate Yellow Line Tank Spec (with points in blue also for that double Rez and revealing mark). Here you will want a seperate 1H sword, shield and emblem focused on tanking legacies and relics. To maximise your effectiveness as a tank you will also want different jewellery and armour/essences geared towards tanking. However you can streamline your builds and have many pieces that work in both red and yellow line. For example example I put tactical mitigation essences into my necklace and gold rings and vitality essences into my pocket as these can be used in both builds. In tank spec again you will want capped mitigations, but a lot more morale (180K+). There are a number of posts recently on the forums which can give you an idea of what is expected here. Again understand your skills, cooldowns, aggro management, rotations, game and raid mechanics etc. so you can do well and stand your ground.

    Always good to see more up and coming captains.
    Wish you all the very best!
    Knight | Captain | Arkenstone | Rainbows & Unicorns

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    Thank you for this info. It will really help me make some decisions. Getting to 120k morale seems impossible atm but I will figure out something. If you have time, could you share what you have as far as dps LI's and tanking LI's? I would really appreciate that.
    Thanks again =)

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    Your LIs and legacies will be dependent upon what you are building for.
    I run multiple LIs and swap pieces and am constantly tweaking and fine tuning.

    I recommend you read up on forums (a quick search brings up a lot of info) as well as get familiar with what each legacy does pre and post imbuement (google search brings up info) and take it from there. Same thing with relics. There are a number of ways to go about it.

    If on Arkenstone welcome to inspect me (I’m not anonymous) and ask any specific questions.
    I’ll always try to answer unless tied up with raids or instances.
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    Knight | Captain | Arkenstone | Rainbows & Unicorns

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    knight is right,

    I would recommend that you focus on one line at a time

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    Thank you guys, great points. I am feeling overwhelmed, as you say, one trait tree at a time. I'll focus on Red line/blue using a 2-hander. I would also love to know what legacies on your swords and emblems.
    Thanks so much! This is very helpful.

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    I am also taking a Captain to Mordor for the first time. Previously we would stack Might essences for the extra Tactical Mastery. In terms of Mordor stats, is Might still the way to go or is pure Physical Mastery better. I am to do general landscape questing. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight.Arkenstone View Post
    - All out healing specs
    Too bad that spec simply won't work in Mordor and beyond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caldarion View Post
    Thank you guys, great points. I am feeling overwhelmed, as you say, one trait tree at a time. I'll focus on Red line/blue using a 2-hander. I would also love to know what legacies on your swords and emblems.
    Thanks so much! This is very helpful.
    What Knight said is pretty much right. Cappy is an easy class to play, but a hard class to master, and there is always something else you can try/do if you look hard enough. What he said about there being no optimal set up is definitely right. Here are what I use for LI's, but keep in mind, this is what works for me. I'm sure there are many others who do things slightly differently, but at the end of the day, we more or less will get the same results out of it simply because we are catering to slightly different play styles that we prefer.

    Redline 2hander Sword, imbued (Halberd is cool too, I kind of regret not using one...):
    Perfect passives in my opinion are Morale, Might, Critical Rating. I typically go for 2/3 when making LI's, but some people go all out. I have might/morale/agility.
    • +x% Blade of Elendil Damage
    • +x% Melee Skills Critical Damage
    • +x% Battle-hardened Incoming Damage Reduction
    • +x% Battle-readied Damage Buff
    • -x% Melee Skill Power Cost*
    • +x% Bleed Damage
    • +x% Grave Wound Damage

    *Legacy is bugged, it reaches its max benefit of -25% around rank 44 if memory serves, and then starts to decrease to -20% from then on. For this reason, don't max this one out if you use it.

    Redline Emblem, imbued:
    • +x% Shadow's Lament Damage
    • +x% Sure Strike Damage
    • +x% Light-type Damage
    • +x% Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage
    • +x Time of Need Buff Duration
    • +x% Bleed Skills Critical Damage
    • +x Might (kind of a throwaway. There may be a better option, but I'm too lazy to change it at the moment)

    For yellow/blue I use the same LI's. The legacies are more or less the same with only maybe 1 on each LI that is different, so I just use general ones for both.

    Blue/yellow 1handed Sword, imbued (definitely use sword here over other weapons because of the parry buff it provides):
    • +x Might (again, throwaway)
    • +x% Battle-hardened Outgoing Healing
    • -x% Melee Skill Power Cost (same disclaimer as above)
    • +x% Battle-hardened Incoming Damage Reduction
    • +x% Muster Courage Fear Resist (kind of obsolete, but useful in PvMP and very situationally in PvE)
    • +x Defensive Strike Armour Buff (Yellow only, useless in blue. Like I said though, I use this for both.)
    • +x% Captain Area-effect Healing

    Blue/yellow Emblem, imbued:
    • +x% Words of Courage Healing
    • +x% Shield of the Dunedain Incoming Healing**
    • +x% Healing Critical Magnitude
    • +x% Rallying Cry Healing
    • +x% Vocal Skills Healing
    • +x% Melee Skills Healing
    • +x% Valiant Strike Healing

    **As it stands currently, this legacy is better with the pre-imbument version which gives +10s duration to Shield of the Dunedain at max rank. For this reason, most (if not all) tanking cappies use an unimbued emblem with the pre-imbument legacy on it, and they swap to this to use the skill, swapping back to the imbued one afterwards.

    In the same vein as above, it is worthwhile having an unimbued mainhand LI (doesn't matter what type) for the Make Haste Duration legacy. When maxed out, this increases the duration of Make Haste up to 45s, which is just amazing in certain situations.

    And again, this is what I use. I'm sure other people do things slightly differently, but the end result is typically very similar if not the same. People just change things slightly to better accomodate their play-style. If you have any questions on my motivation for anything here, feel free to ask.



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