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    Are High Elves worth it?

    I have been creating High Elves of every class and recording the stats at level 1 then comparing them to the level 1 stats of ordinary Elves and as far as I can see, apart from a ring that levels up with the character, High Elves appear inferior to ordinary Elves in every class! Is this correct or am I missing something here? I admit that High Elves get better starting equipment from Elrond, but crafted gear is superior by the time you reach Journeyman level. So what are the advantages of playing High Elves?

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    the advantage is mainly optical. highelves have this cool falling-animation, where they roll and stuff like that.
    in terms of real advantages, they have a tiny bonus to light damage, which will make a potential endgame highelf minstrel, warden or captain a slightly better dps character than an elf (only relevant after class balance changes). and obviously, they can be captain, which cannot be chosen with normal elves. plus, they get a rez (ooc with high cd), which can be nice, if you duo often with a friend and play a class without revival skills and actually find ways to die while duoing stuff, that one of you can finish solo if the other dies...
    afaik, high elves still miss passives (like +1% physmits for dwarfs or +1% fear/poison resistance for elves/hobbits and stuff like that). Maybe, one day, they will get passives and if they do and those actually are good, they might be worth it (like +x% tactmits or avoidances or a bonus to hope or anything like that).

    tl;dr: no
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    another useless addition to the game like the beo, even wardens ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Findun View Post
    another useless addition to the game like the beo, even wardens ...
    Oh dear, all my favourite classes. Think I'll go and eat worms.

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    As a counterpoint to the negative replies in this thread, I bought a High Elf yesterday and am really having fun with it. The animations are improved over the other races including truly beautiful facial features but also actions and at this point HE has received a passive trait as well, not that that would have made a difference for me. The real kicker was that I'll get to hear my HE guardian yell in Sindarin - very cool. The price is relatively a little high but only a little. Given how many HE I see in game the cost is obviously not that prohibitive. Worth doing IMO.



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