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    Quote Originally Posted by SvenNiscadae View Post
    There's a CSS rule that's hiding it. But after looking at a couple other classes and their rules, that particular rule doesn't seem necessary since its parent class hides it when a user is logged in anyway.

    But in the meantime, the login link is: https://www.lotro.com/en/auth/login

    body > #userbar a.login-link {
    display: none;}

    I haven't dabbled in frontend in a long time so inheritance rules are a distant memory, could this specific rule override those of parent container class? Messy code or just a temporary hiccup? Link is missing for me both on Chrome and Firefox, clearing cache does nothing.

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    I tend to keep descriptions are jargon free as possible, people see it as a button, so that is what I call it.

    I havent messed with web page functions since before FireFox existed, so I am not up on what does what these days; I think IE 6 was new the last time I created anything.

    Anyway, Cordovan has posted an announcement, and web admin have a bug report, it is possible it was a browser update that didnt kick in until after a reboot, however generally speaking, FF updates work as soon as the browser has installed them and restarted itself.

    The number of new posts over the last 48 hours seems to be down significantly, so it would appear a lot of people are having this issue, but havent seen the thread or figured out how to force the log in page to appear.

    However, since the failure occurred at the same time the initial page load suddenly went from fairly fast to dog-slow, I am betting something has been done with the forum software that has buggered it up. It IS a fairly old and obsolete version, and probably has as much crud floating around in the coding as the game itself.

    Somewhere in Irkutsk, a butterfly sneezed, and the "Log In" CSS link disappeared.

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    This issue still seems to be occurring.

    I hope SSG is aware of it by now.


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