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    Quote Originally Posted by TearMaker View Post
    I love it when the spammers join the conversation, it makes me think they are worried.
    There is at least a couple in this thread, did you spot them
    Yes its easy to spot.

    I'll not discuss further of what I know and have deleted a few lines I realized were a bit revealing.

    Beyond that,this does suck for me on a personal level. I don't hoard items or gold. The opposite is the better truth. I have many,many times over the years given away items at Bree in the chat. Link them and send or trade to anyone. More specific collected old items in old instances to distribute to the Role players. Items you can't buy or find at AH often. Items where the web locations are incorrect. Some of my alts are loaded with such items and now it may be useless venture in vane.

    I don't RP but I came to Landy for what the RPers add to the atmosphere. I listen to the Musicians and enjoy seeing how they liven up the game. From the Shire to Thorins Hall,Bree and yes even those snobby Elves in Duillond,to think a stigma effect this could have on the most of innocence rather annoys me.

    Get rid of these scumbags and the line of thinking they spawn.

    Just do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macdui View Post
    As far as not buying stuff off the AH: I no longer buy stuff off level 5 non kinned characters and the like. Report a few too. But if they can scam LP so easily then a valar and a one man kin can soon make you seem legitimate.

    Closing off the store bought solvents trading would a problem. In game drops are far too rare, and many would need others to craft for them. If they were account bound then they could just craft the tradable essence box to sell.
    I know there are a lot of people like me that have a Vault Character or "Mule" (or four) that holds overstock for AH sale. Stuff like Festival items waiting for like four or eight months to pass to get the best price for said items. They are often low level and unguilded (no Kinship). I often pass off purple drops (and sometimes Vendor-trash), Rep Task Board trash and other stuff to my mule while out in the field to clear bag space. So yeah, a L-teenie may have L80 gear for sale.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_underfoot View Post
    i also have received gifts from, and given gifts to, various random players thru in-game mail. it feels great and is a really humanizing aspect of the game.

    being told to stop this activity while SSG can't even be bothered to put in a chat filter to block spammer URLs is very, very disappointing.

    this is a step in the wrong direction, SSG.
    As i stated before, it is the fact that such random acts of kindness that make this game and its community so endearing.

    Out of this entire thread, I think the best suggestion so far is to make $tore Items account-bound and untradable. That way if people are using Code Generators then they would not be able to convert such ill gotten gains to usable currencies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milii View Post
    Out of this entire thread, I think the best suggestion so far is to make $tore Items account-bound and untradable. That way if people are using Code Generators then they would not be able to convert such ill gotten gains to usable currencies.
    agreed. This doesn't solve the gold selling problem, but gold has been sold for years on the blackmarket so it should fall back under the radar with this fix

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    If you are simply being a good samaritan, it is not likely you have anything to worry about. This is more about people deliberately buying gold from spammers to attempt to get other people banned, and people feeling that they can purchase things from spammers and not have to worry, since they aren't the ones selling gold.

    That said, if you are just trying to be nice, perhaps now isn't the time to randomly mail people you don't know 100 keys or thousands of gold.

    This thread has attracted the attention of spammers, along with the trolls who are causing some of the problem. Some of the posters in this thread are clear sock accounts attempting to stir up concern. Thread is now closed.

    We are continuing to work to fight spammers. We've already done numerous things, many of which I don't want to talk about, as it simply tips off spammers. We'll be doing more in the future.
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