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    [Arkenstone] Kindred Spirits

    The Kindred Spirits are a Kinship on the Arkenstone server. We are Honored to have a wide variety of experienced individuals of all classes who work together to help our Brothers and Sisters advance in the Game. We are a Casual Adult Kinship focused primarily on PvE content... Epic Battles, Instances, and light Raiding. Our goal is to see content at an enjoyable pace that works for players who work, have families and are in college. We have a Kinship Island and use Discord for our voice / text chat. If you wish to join our Kinship, go to our website and fill out a application. www.kindredspiritskin.com

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    Hi Everyone!

    The Kindred Spirits are recruiting!

    The Mordor expansion has brought back many players we have not seen in awhile and new players to the game as well. Maybe you were one of the people that was inactive for a period of time and has returned to find your kin empty of players. Our kin is alive and Full of people but we ALWAYS like to have new members. Come join us if you want a new place to call HOME!

    We also have lots of players below 115 or many of us (like me) have alts at various levels. Don't feel left out with players in Mordor but not you. We especially like to share our knowledge with other players. It might be in crafting or questing help.

    If you might be interested, check us out at www.kindredspiritskin.com

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    We are a casual Rank 10 Kinship recruiting on Arkenstone that prides itself on doing a little of everything in the game in a relaxed setting. We are a social, active, and helpful kin who enjoy instances, big battles, and lite raiding. We have a Kin Island with crafting stations and ingredient crates. All are welcome. If your looking for a community of people to game with, please apply on our site. We are always looking for players to share in the enjoyment of the game. We have a brand new website and use Discord. Visit us at www.kindredspiritskin.com

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    returning player looking for kinship,

    Hail All!
    Returning to LOTRO after a hiatus

    Server: Brandywine
    Toons: 76 Warden, 27 LM, 10 RK.

    Age: 30

    Looking for a kin with old content in mind(level locking and progression raids) not opposed to rolling a new toon with a group going through the world of middle earth together.

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    The Kindred Spirits are recruiting. We are a casual, active, and helpful kin who run instances, big battles, and T1 raiding. If your looking for a community of people to game with visit www.kindredspiritskin.com for more info. While many people are over on the Legendary servers making new characters many of our members decided to roll new characters right here on Arkenstone so we could have the same fun starting over together as a kin. Currently we have 2 6 person fellowship groups utilizing the experience blocker to run group content on level before moving on.



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