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    The Great Tolkien Pub Meetup Summer 2018, Zagreb,Croatia

    A star shines upon hour of our meeting (:

    Great Tolk {The Accurate Translation} is the pub within Zagreb,Captial of Croatia{EU} A fantastic place with awesome barmen and magical enchanting atmosphere. The Fantasy Art Pub.

    Fear not. I have politely asked the barkeeper for permission to take screenshots. He approved without a slight hesitation and I could even record at will. There is a lot of room and surprising amount of pictures of Tolkien's Legendarium.

    It is not a wonder and nothing truly Jaw-dropping but nevertheless more than satisfying. Happiness is often found a little things. Indeed , For I am personally very grateful we have such a pub. Perfect place to relax and read The Silmarillion For example.

    The music isn't overly loud and the place is usually not over-crowded.

    The beer quality is outstanding.,souvenirs,Shirts and so on.

    If you ever find yourself in Zagreb or planing a trip to Croatia, Contact me and shall have a drink and tell a lot of tales I believe most of the people shall take a break and plan trip during summer session ,but matters not.

    Anytime you wish, You can usually find me there once or twice per month. Say hello (:

    Pictures ~


    Sauron/Balrog of Moria {Durin's Bane}

    Its a blurry. Apologies. But if you do look closely , You'll see the Balrog's Face.The art shows Gandalf the Gray vs Durin's Bane at the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

    A mini Replica of Erebor.

    May your path ever be star-lit Mellon. If you are indeed very passionate Tolkien fan we'll have a lot to discuss!! Do not hesitate.

    The city is a marvel and the pub in a perfect location. Kaptol is a part of Zagreb, Croatia in the upper town and it is the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishop of Zagreb.
    Zagreb's "Gornji Grad" (Upper Town) is the capital city's historic district, encompassing the medieval hilltop settlements. Its is very,very alluring.

    In the very close proximity one can venture to Cathedral or a beautiful park. There is something for everyone.

    Kind Regards,

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    The Pictures Part II;






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    Ovo je extra, pozdrav iz Splita

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    The Real life Meet up is still a possibility. I have wonderful plans. The Summer is still on-going.

    I thou art a passionate soul , we shall speak about Tolkien's Legendarium and game in general while drinking and toasting to a man we owe everything! John Ronald Reuel Tolkien! We can record a video and several screenshots and share it with the rest of the community. I know the city inside and out Well not nearly enough as Arda i shall arrange everything . Even one person would be enough! Tis very difficult to find anyone outside U.S. I am aware. And one does not simply travel often thousands of miles , not even within EU!

    Please send Private Message only. The Alternative approach ~ Contact me via E-Mail or "Send tell" in game.
    Arkenstone {US} I am indeed serious,Offer shall remain Until early October.

    "Vanyalanthiriel" Guardian 115 ~

    Vanya Sulie
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    I came to confirm The Real life meetup Shall remain the eventual possibility until October 2 ,2018 and I shall ask Cordovan to Delete or Lock the Thread.

    The next meeting will not able to occur Until May 2019 by Earliest. I sincerely believe tis a great chance and Idea ,Speaking from my point of observation. Zagreb truly is a wondrous city. Unfortunately the Official EU Real Life event cannot happen. One can only hope, Tis but a "Fools Hope" It can be arranged by players.

    Please refrain from insults or trolling. I am serious about meeting with passionate gamers. I already did posted Pictures within. I have no secrets nor any evil intentions. Please reply here or Send me a Private Message.

    Á tulë asenyë Mellon,Vanya Sulie

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    Sadly,The Time is Up. Perhaps another year someone shall be intrigued or be available or decide to visit Croatia at least I suggest you if ever planned to travel into EU. You might want to pass through it at least. Croatia/Hungary/Poland/Czech republic or Switzerland. Consider those.



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