Hello! I have been running a kin "event" for the Sanctuary kin for some time now. We call it "The Long Fellowship". We started in Bree in our teens and have killed boars, bears and Cargul all across Middle Earth! After long toil and countless digital miles we are on the verge of Walking into Mordor!

If you have an alt that needs to start this region, you are very welcome to join us. We meet for approximately 1 hr every-ish Tuesday night. We do all quests together (but deed grinding is up to you). So no "work" between sessions except what you decide to do. You are welcome to join us every Tuesday, most Tuesdays or just do the first few nights in Udun until you get your "light" gear and can run around on your own. Just happy to run something people will enjoy.

We meet Tuesdays at 9PM eastern. You can /t Fellwulf for an invite to the TLF. Or if you would like more information before you do, PM me here or reply to the thread.

I expect we will be starting Mordor on 2/6. Again 9PM eastern on the Gladden server.