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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeOfLions View Post
    It sounds great on paper, but such dynamic fights have an adverse effect on performance; the Battle of the Morannon is already pushing the limits of acceptability and adding the fights you describe would make it much worse. This is what I'm always talking about when I say that game design is about compromise, and when I say it's not easy. It's my dream job, and always has been! But it requires an understanding of limitations that I didn't have on the outside. "Who thought the second disk of Xenogears was a good idea?" I'd ask, or "How could they not allow us to explore Shell 2 as Snake?" Both of those would have been "so easy to do right!"

    But of course there were reasons. Everything has reasons. The reasons for having single enemies fighting you at the Morannon is because it's a public space that needs to accommodate a number of players at the same time and it needs to have a base level of performance. It also needs to have a level of difficulty that's accomplishable by anyone who's followed the story this far.

    Indeed, Right you are! Extraordinary effect, almost unreal impact. Tis never that simple, nor it shall ever be so. I posses eminently powerful performance machine to run Lord of the Rings Online. Even with every tip or trick suggested the FPS can go under 20, I can receive thy blessing and grant few extra Frames at the best. As I told certain individuals today, There is always a reason, Of course, let us make the ragging thread. I can fully understand you , its possibly not even a joy to read and even explain again and again, Far from it.

    I for instance would love to see dozens of similar Epic Battles but It diminishes ultimately everything. 15 - 20 FPS is unacceptable no matter the glorious sight or design. It perhaps can be for a single run. It will frustrate players and yes you cannot throw dozens of mobs at particular player or be constantly swarmed with battalions of Orcs, Goblins, Uruks, Trolls, Wargs or other vile fiends. It should not work in such a way, It does not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LabadalofDorlomin View Post
    Why would you ever think that?

    This is a role playing game which tries to keep to a narrative not of its own. So, why would you expect to flip flop in real time to become one of these characters?

    I only ever expected to see such scenes within the bounds of a flashback as being reported by someone else. This isn't a movie whose point of view can be banded around to anyone and then for no reason whatsoever.

    Was the black gate and speed of the end of the epic dull and anti-climactic ? Yes, but I still prefer the purity of it over the cartoon style, Peter Jackson kind of nonsense that you obviously expected.
    We're still playing through the story of the books, and that's the climax of the story. It should have happened at the climax of the story, not AFTER it. We've HAD session play before that changes our point of view. Putting the sequence we got in the bower of Cormallen in at the climax of the story would have been the better way.
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