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    Rohan governance

    Does anyone know of a chart that lists all the thanes, reeves and aldors of Rohan or if not, would any of you be interested in helping me create one by listing the names of them on this thread? I think it would be helpful for those rping Rohirrim to actually know who all of our government officials are.

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    Alright- please be advised to check the LOTRO wiki also- as I'll probably miss some accent marks on some of the names. Please note that some SPOILERS are below- as it may be helpful to know when particular characters die or shift-governing-positions in the storylines-

    I. Westfold

    Marshal Erkenbrand of the West-mark, Lord of the Westfold, Helm's Deep
    Thane Gladsunu of Marton (who falls in the Second Battle of the Fords of the Isen; his wife (Agelwyn?) leads the survivors to Helm's Deep).
    Thane Grimbold of Grimslade (survives both Battles of the Fords of Isen; falls in the Battle of Pelennor Fields). His aged mother is Elgyth. His wife, Hildith, rules in his absence with the aid of counselor Dunward. Grimbold's very young son is Grimwald.

    II. Stonedeans

    Thane (and Reeve I presume) Heremond and his wife Cynethryth (slain by the coup in Woodhurst) of Woodhurst
    Thane and Reeve Herubrand of Woodhurst (after his father Heremond's death by enemies inside the city)
    Herefara- Herubrand's son is sent to Brockbridge to reinforce its defenses (both Herubrand and Herefara fall on the Pelennor Fields)
    Thane Léoferth of Brockbridge- the aging Thane is also the father of Hama, King Theoden's Doorward (Hama fell defending the Gates of the Hornburg in the Battle of Helm's Deep)
    Thane Nothmar of Gapholt

    III. Broadacres

    Thane and Reeve Fríthild of Stoke- she is a shieldmaiden-thane and inspiration to Eowyn. She perishes by treachery... see below.
    Thane Ordlac of Oserley- attempts to usurp control of Stoke; is defeated by Torferth and the Toringas for his treason.
    Lúfa- the daughter of Gisil of Garsfeld is betrothed to wed Ordlac (though she really loves Torferth of Torsbury), until... In the end, she finds herself beside Torferth once Torferth restores order in Stoke as regent.
    Thane Tordag of Torsbury- loses his town to Dunlendings and perishes in the attempt to retake it
    Thane Torferth of Torsbury- takes-up his father's mantle
    Reeve Frithbert- Frithhild's very young son who is nominally Reeve with Torferth as regent; he has a young sister, Edhild.

    IV. The Eastfold

    Reeve and Marshal Eomer
    Arcil and Eothain serve in Aldburg, former capital of Rohan, as co-regents in Eomer's absence
    Thane Sparhafoc of Fenmarch has a son named Guthlaf (Theoden's Bannerman) and a daughter named Meregyth (initially betrothed to Eomer until Eomer became Heir to Theoden)
    Thane Cútha of Beaconwatch keeps watch on Halifirien. His son is Cúthing (*whom Meregyth of Fenmarch falls in love with).

    V. Kingstead

    Theoden King of Rohan (and presumably Aldor of the Westemnet) (eventually is slain by the Witch-King on the Pelennor; Eomer reigns as King afterward)
    Theodred, Heir of Theoden until Theodred's death in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen
    Eomer- becomes Heir after his release from imprisonment
    Eowyn- Theoden's daughter and aspiring Shield-maiden-in-secret
    Grima Wormtongue- Theoden's chief counselor and adviser (and a servant of Saruman of Many-Colours)
    Thane Dunhere of Underharrow (ruled by his wife, Ellen Fremedon, in his absence). Dunhere is found with Erkenbrand as Isengard marches on Helm's Deep. Dunhere eventually falls on the Pelennor Fields.
    Thane Mágla of Middlemead has a young son named Séoca and a wife named Baduhild. He has lost one arm and an eye as well.

    VI. Sutcrofts

    Reeve Fastred of Snowbourn has a wife named Elflád and a baby son named Folcred. Fastred fell facing Crumgam, the Black Numenorean Sorcerer, in the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
    Thane Gisil of Garsfeld- with his grown-up children Gisling, Lúfa (sent to Oserley and eventually Stoke in Broadacres), and Déorwine (who serves Theoden in Edoras- and is betrothed to Thane Winsig of Walstow). Thane Gisil fell in the Battle of Hytbold. Déorwine fell in the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Thus, Gisling would likely take-up the mantle of Thane thereafter.
    Thane Winsig of Walstow.

    VII. Norcrofts

    Reeve Athelward (secretly serves Saruman with false promise of becoming King of Eastemnet). His daughters are Áffa (very young) and Ides (an aspiring shieldmaiden). Siflád, daughter of Thane Mildred of Elthengels, is his ward. Athelward eventually reveals his treachery and dies protecting Ides from death by a huge Isengard troll at the Battle of Hytbold.
    Thane Mildred of Elthengels- Siflád is her daughter. Thane Pendrad, Mildred's husband, was slain by Orcs near the Argonath. Her son, Pendulf, died in a fatal duel against Reeve Athelward by poison / foul-play.
    Thane Elfhelm of Faldham- Rode to serve with Theodred, and so Elfmar, his son, became temporary-Thane in Elfhelm's absence. Elfmar leads the Elfward Riders.

    VIII. Entwash Vale

    Reeve Ingbert of Eaworth- has two sons, Horn (exiled to Stangard for daring to sing hints of Wormtongue's evil; Horn disappoints Ingbert), and Ingmar. Ingmar is wounded but survives. Tóla is Ingmar's wife. Lady Góda (who serves Saruman) is Ingbert's mother. Because of Horn's fate in Pelennor Fields, depending on player-choices, its likely that Ingmar would eventually become the Reeve. Ingbert survived the Battle of the Morannon- all the way through.
    Thane Wulfrad of Thornhope (slain by Orcs of Mordor, Moria, and Isengard)
    Thane Béortnoth of Thornhope- rules what's left of the refugees in his father's stead as Thornhope burns. He falls in the Battle of Hytbold.

    IX. Wildermore

    Reeve Garwig of Forlaw- with his daughter Cyneburg. He also had a son named Garsig and two grandsons named Grimgar and Humbald, who were all slain by Nurzum in Scyfig. Cyneburg married Thyrmm Redbeard. Scyfig's leadership is nebulous- but Thrymm is found nearby. Byrne Tor's leadership is also unknown since everyone was slaughtered by the White Hand.

    X. The Wold

    Reeve Harding, Aldor of the Eastemnet, and Thane of Harwick. He has a son named Léodwig. Harding fell in the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
    Thane Radwig- the young thane of Floodwend. Rules with his mother, Etta. His unnamed father passed-away. Radwig fell in the Battle of Hytbold.
    Thane Utred of Langhold with his wife Cillian. Utred falls when Langhold is besieged by brigands, Easterlings, and the Woe of Khand.

    XI. Eorlsmead in Great River- the exiled outpost beyond the Mark

    Stanric- Thane of Stangard
    Sithric- The "King's Messenger" (servant of Wormtongue and Saruman; eventually defeated once his treachery is known)
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    this is a great post for all of as interested in RP!
    i m writing a novel, about a Rohiric warior, returning from the war n this post will help me a lot!
    tks guys!
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    Post Some others

    Some fill ins/Mistakes

    Thane Utred of Langhold had children who escaped with their mother to Harwick. Utmund his son & his daughter Heburga.

    Ránmald who was the wife to the heir of Byre Tor survived and is carrying his child leading to a potential heir and/or her taking on the responsibility of Thane until they are of age.

    Cyneburg is Garwig's Cousin's Daughter not his own.

    It can be assumed Ides takes over as Reeve of the Norcrofts after her father's death being the oldest child. The next heir would then be his other daughter Áffa

    Dunhere has a daughter who is the next heir, Dúnburg who is adventurous and interested in becoming a shield-maiden.

    Edric is the Thane of Entwade within the Sutcrofts and is missing from this article.



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