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    Is this Edoras quest worth the struggle?

    I'm having major trouble with Edoras: In Need of Cheering Up. You fight a war band with Eowyn and I've attempted to complete maybe 7 or more times. The war band has a troll and I've got to get the troll away from Eowyn otherwise she'll die. I'm not skilled on a combat mount...it's just hard.

    I'd choose the Gold Earring of Edoras as the reward. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for a little earring.

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    That is the final quest in the Edoras chain for the Road to Dunharrow trait point.


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    I suggest googling this instance and trying out the different approaches suggested - you'll find plenty of posts on the subject as many have struggled with the troll.

    If all else fails, level up and come back later for a proper slaughter and that trait point.

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    I skipped it and went back at later. Didn't even think doing it mounted since I don't have any experience with it.

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    I tried again on foot, and I was able to not get killed by the troll....but then Eowyn died. And then died again, and again. Eowyn keeps dying!

    Also I got the "Road to Dunharrow" quest and I found out that Cheering Up is required to start Road to Dunharrow. Boo!

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    Just questing in West Rohan. I only succeeded the second or third time. I let Eowyn tank the troll first while I cleared the adds on foot as quickly as possible, then got on my war-steed at full speed and pulled the troll from her. The troll will follow you but it would not be able to catch up, so you can just grind it down.

    p.s. I'm a Hunter so I can deal with mounted mobs on foot (with some kiting). I haven't brought any melee character this far so I don't know how melee classes would fare.



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