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Thread: gold sellers

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    gold sellers

    do something for this !
    they keep spamming like they own the game.......
    its devastating!
    are they working for you SSG?
    we didnt had so much prob before!
    stop them!
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    they get a cut from the gold spammers so no they will not do a thing

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    On the German servers they are also very aggressive with spam. It's so easy to make a filter script. But many believe that SSG earns money and therefore does nothing.

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    There are 5 threads in the general forums discussing this
    1. Gold spam isnt going to stop as long as store items can be sold in game and mailed with Mithril;
    2. Gold spam is not going to stop as long as the community keep buying those mass key sales from the lvl 7's
    3. Gold spam is not going to stop as long as the community keeps buying those Arias of Valar en masse from the level 7's
    4. Gold spam is not going to stop because of 95838295 forum threads

    Thats just the basics that people are ignoring.
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    and once you buy they have your account info....Bad just very bad....people forget you need to work for what you want....the cheep way out rarely works outs.

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    I agree, it is time for SSG to act. LOTRO-Pay and gold spammer have been annoying people all the time.

    It is driving people to leave the game, and I doubt any new members want to stick around when they see the spam.

    How hard is it to filter out that website? Auto ban anyone who use LOTRO pay website address, (and let the ban expire 24 hours later, when no doubt the bots would have moved on)

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    Install the plugin WC filter
    Here you see it LIVE no more Goldspamer in the world chat

    This is a German Video




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