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    In the woods
    For my main, I chose forester, farmer, and woodworker for several reasons.
    I chose farming, because I love gardening. Also, I chose woodworker because it helps my hunter, and its my hobby in real life. Shaping and smoothing the wood is challenging and fun. I love that moment when you have finished sanding and prepping the wood, and then apply that first coat of stain. You never know what beauty will reveal itself.

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    Explorer, to support all my other crafters, and because I have trouble passing up nodes.
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    Weekly Question 42

    Armsman. Why not?
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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    Wood turner (secondly farmer) — because I'm a bow hunter elf (main).

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    Armsman, because champion need to have best weapons

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    Current Toon is a Tailor, Forester, and Prospector

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, January 18th. Good luck!
    I have many toons since I'm a VIP, but my current crafting experience is going to a tailor, forester, and prospector. I'm trying on getting two of each main crafting ability for flexibility in sustaining my toon's needs.

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    Armsman, because I thought it would be the most important craft for a champion.

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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    Explorer. Isn't that what the game's all about?

    (If only there were a vocation for which I could mine all resource nodes I encounter in my explorations...!)

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    Tinker was my choice, because it seemed like a good choice at the time; using the ores and jewels you mine for bettering your skills. Admittedly I did not foresee that the need for cooking ingredients would be a problem, but in the end it did not matter; everything I needed was available in the auction house for mere coins, although buying in mass quantities has left me a poor beggar.
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    Explorer. My main toon is an elven Hunter. Since the rest are too lazy to actually get up from their various crafting venues and do so themselves, he is the main resource gatherer.
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    I choose Woodsman, because my main is a hunter and a Woodsman can gather wood and can make bows.

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    Exclamation What vocation did you choose and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    .... Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, January 18th. Good luck!
    I made enough alts to have all crafting vocations because i like to be self efficient.

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    My main is a hunter, and I chose explorer so he could travel widely collecting mats for my alts, and making medium/light armour.

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    My first character is a tinker, because it sounded fun. However, I now have every vocation, with a guilded character in each profession. It's really the best way to go - I can craft whatever I need, whenever I need it. It's especially handy when it comes to crafting special items in quantity, like Wastes rep items and Mordor crafting ingredients.

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    Historian, seemed like a good vocation for a hobbit!

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    Explorer because I can collect 3/5 materials for crafting.

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    On my very first character on LOTRO, I created an Explorer. I find that they are very useful if you end up having many alts. You can level your main through all the regions and collect all the resources for whatever vocations your alts have.

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    My main character Larelian is a female Elf Hunter which started out as a Woodsman to make her own bows. That worked great in the starting zones and no rowan or ash branch was safe from her. Then she went into the Lone Lands and the RNG of resource-spawning turned against her. One branch per 2-3 miles ridden approximately and her frustration level grew and grew as there was no yew for a new pew pew. Then, finally, she reached the ruins behind Ost Guruth and all those antique vases just standing around, waiting to be examined, caught her curiosity. She gave up her old vocation because she found a new one: Historian. Ever since she is happy as never before and can't pass up a single Scholar node, even if it's surrounded by mountain trolls, hordes of undead or the likes.

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    Jewellery maker for that shiny shiny

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    My main, a hunter, chose historian because he likes making things with pretty colours, like paints and dyes.

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    Hi Everybody!
    Well, I have 30 toons on Arkenstone and here is what vocations I chose and why....
    For my Champions, I chose Metalsmiths....gotta have good gear to handle backing up the tank, right???
    For my Guardians, I chose Weaponsmiths and Metalsmiths....for getting up close and personal...
    For my Hunters, I chose Woodworking and Scholars....gotta have a great bow and my scholars can help out with bow chants and oils....kinda makes them a WEE bit dangerous, wouldn't you say?
    For my Loremasters, I chose a variety, Woodworkers for staves, Scholars for Essences, and Jewelers. A girl has got to have bling and my Jewelers can make some wicked jewelry that not only looks great, but bumps your stats..sweet, huh?
    For my Minstrils, I chose Farmer/Cooks......my Mini's are all Hobbits and it just seemed fitting that they would farm and cook awesome, tasty, belly filling food that will put a skip in your step.....
    For my Runekeepers, I chose Tailors.....I mean, somebody has to make sure the cloth wearing and medium armor toons are well protected, have great stats, and are all the rage at New York Fashion Week....hehehehe
    And Last but not least, my Wardens are woodworkers...gotta keep the javelins and spears sharp as can be....they will do the piercing, you just have to learn how to aim.....
    I Also have a spattering of Explorers to gather wood and metal to keep my other toons busy.....
    That's it for now....hmmmmm now what to do with my High Elf?!?!?!?!?
    The Old Code

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    What vocation did you choose and why? my rk is a jeweler, my warden is a woodworker and my hunter is a scholar. I have a mini who spends her time growing crops and sending them to my rk who is also my cook.

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    my vocation choices

    On my hunter main, I chose woodworker, because I could make bows for myself and others. My second character on my main server is an explorer, so she can make armor and collect materials for my hunter and other characters. My second main is a warden on a different server, and she is an explorer so I can gather and sell materials to buy what I need.
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    Vocation choice

    Favorite vocation is armsman. Everyone at endgame needs legendary weapons and unless you are going to get the unearthed weapons, an armsman is pretty useful.

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    My first toon was a hunter and I chose the Explorer vocation, mostly at random. Perfect for the hunter though - if I need different tiers of wood/hides/metals I can travel to any region and farm
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