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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 42

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, January 18th. Good luck!
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    I chose Woodsman, because as a hunter, he needs bows and a Woodsman can gather wood, make boards and finally make a new bow.
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    Before I even knew what each vocation did I chose Historian because I thought it was awesome to study ancient artifacts and scrolls and till this day my main is still a Scholar. Worked out because I'm a minstrel and can make songbooks among other things.

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    i will choose any new craft you ll put in the game
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    I became a Farmer so i could help keep all the Hobbit's rolling in Pipeweed.

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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    On my main i chose Yeomen cause i like cooking and Farming! (and in real life i do it as well)
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    What vocation did you choose and why?


    As exploring the lore, regions and characters is all about Lotro, this one was the only way to go.

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    Armsman with Weaponsmith guild. During my first days in LOTRO they told it was a profitable profession. They joked me!

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    Historian, because irl I love random* useless** information.

    *Random: nobody cares about it.
    **Useless: you can't make money out of it.

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    Explorer, because it pains me to pass by any resource node and find I cannot harvest it

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    Woodworker, because, you know, pew! pew!!

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    What vocation did you choose and why?


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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    Metalsmith, because it is a manly vacation, plus it was easier to see the mines from a distance. Oh and good to make heavy armour for my heavy classes.

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    Explorer, twice the bounty

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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    Armsman. making a Legendary weapon that I use for life is just too cool to give up. Mined my own ore, smelted my own metals, reforged my own blade, slew countless with it.

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    All of them, because I have a problem with alts.

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    Armourer is what I chose first way back when because I thought it would be a good idea to be able to craft armor for myself and alts.

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    I picked Historian because I enjoy making potions for my friends!

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    Another altaholic

    I have several versions of all vocations, with my army of alts.
    Initially, I used to like metalsmith, for making the tools with.
    Now that that - and all other - bases are covered, I tend to go with explorer most often, for gathering efficiency.
    However, I also keep one small (40ish) alt with no craft at all, as insurance against the introduction of a new vocation.

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    And again ... SSG swapped the titles of the "In the News" and the "Let's Talk Shop" sections in the LotRO Beacon
    Will they ever get it right ???
    Keep you posted in the next beacon

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    My first toon, my hunter, is an Explorer mainly because it made sense at the time to be able to gather both wood and ore and cause you know a hunter would go exploring :P

    Ofc since then I have maxed out my crafting (doomfold master and max guild rep) on every character and now have at least 2 of each vocation with soem having 3 (plays into my hoarding tendacies quite nicely!).

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    Angollon is a young elven scholar of angol, an aspiring loremaster, and a trainee gollor, and therefore Historian was his natural choice of vocation.
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    I picked all vocations, so I can make everything me or kinnies would need.

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    Scholar in my main, an elf Loremaster, was a perfect fit in my mind and my first choice.

    Now ive characters with each vocation.

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    What vocation did you choose and why?

    I chose armsman because people need weapons and I like making them


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