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    Jan 2017
    Vanyaquenta Mini Spring Edition! Spring is a dandy with Vanyalanthiriel!

    Vanyaquenta Calaquende Celulinde Special Spring is a dandy The Full Tale!

    She took a break for endless struggles within Khazad-Dum!

    Part II ~ Vanyaquenta Celulinde A Taste of Spring The Complete Adventure

    ~ Travel with Vanyalanthiriel and experience the joys of the Spring Festival!
    ~ Pause at 6:48
    ~ Commentary included as always
    ~ Premium House Exterior showcase!
    ~ Shrew Stompin! Fear not, We elves do not have tendencies to kill animals, but indeed! These pesky shrews deserved it!
    ~ The Hedge Maze Guide! A well deserved title!
    ~ Attempt of Bullroarer's Challenge
    ~ Flower collecting! A!
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    Jan 2017
    Of Special note:

    If you have any questions or simply wish to ask me anything which is related to Tolkien's Legendarium or the Lord of the Rings Online I can go live as well via You-Tube. Send me a private Message only please Private Message via You-Tube or Official forums.

    Be certain I shall not respond back if you do call me out publicly personally or post anything which is related to my private life. Which indeed happened more than once.On forums and In game since Summer of 2017. I m not falling to anything and my love and passion for the game shall vanquish the hatred or any eventual threats. My willpower is firmer than foundations of very stars, Any attempts shall be swiftly ignored/blocked.

    Please do not post my links in game,Thanks kindly. I m not doing it personally, Tis not allowed. I spoke to GM, Not even I am allowed to post my own links. I shall gladly share my videos with thee in game, but only in Private. Send tell or Send an E-Mail. I believe I was very polite and fair as both player and a human being. We all do mistakes and we learn from our mistakes indeed. It's never late for a new start and everyone deserves a second "wind" chance

    We can all live in peace and harmony and enjoy the Magic of Middle-Earth.

    For additional Information. I am not using the World chat anymore, Trade channel on occasion. Keep any eye on the Trade channel. I might be giving away free items next week!

    First You-Tube Live Stream was executed and it seems it does work as intended.

    I have created a Twitch account as well. A couple of Random game-play videos. I wasn't impressed by the quality or latency, Perhaps I should tweak the settings a bit, but inevitably it seems Streaming works in such a way. I am newbie to Streaming in general.

    A test video Number III ~ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241239236

    The pure sheer dedication and love of the game cannot be faked, It cannot be taken away for thee and it sparks your very soul and it end you shall accomplish deeds that even Vala shall envy and It is real, You can "feel it", the burning passion which ignites the Flame Imperishable Tis unrivalled. Unconquerable. Invulnerable.

    May the leaves of your life never turn brown.

    Vanya Sulie!
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