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    Jan 2017

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende

    Mae Govannen Mellon! Greetings! Vedui! Welcome!

    I appreciate your curiosity and time in advance!

    "VanyaQuenta Calaquende" The Ultimate Journey within Arda with Vanyalanthiriell,Vanimelda,Spi rit of Fire. (Champion)

    High Elf Female Arato ed Valinor. (Level 10 at the moment) Locked XP disabler ~

    The name of my You-tube Channel ~ "Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda"

    Other intruiging playlists

    ~ The Ancient Master of Arda, the discussion of lore and particular complex theories
    ~ Shadows of Angmar Ultimate Compliation
    ~ The Silmarillion
    ~ J.R.R. Tolkien Special
    ~ Games not related to Legendarium ~ Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Mass Effect Series/Hitman(2016)/Dark souls II Scholar of the First Sin & Dark Souls III/Diablo III Reaper of Souls

    And So on....

    The Future progression ~

    Volume I,II,III and IV Epic Books ~ Complete Edition
    The old Vanilla Eriador 2007/08 Level 5-50 (Eventually 51 or 52) Eregion(Hollin)
    Mines of Moria 2008/09 Levels 52 - 61 (Lorien 61-62)
    Siege of Mirkwood 2009/2011 60- 65 (Possibly 66)
    Rise of Isengard 2011/12 66+ (76)
    Riders of Rohan 2012/13 76- 87
    Helm's Deep 2013/14 86-87 -up to 95 maximum
    Gondor 2014- 2017 Western Gondor 95/96 minimum - Wastes 105/106
    Mordor(Expansion) 2017/18 106+ 115
    Future content/Updates 2018 - ?
    Update 22 and beyond (Northern Mirkwood,Erebor,Dale) 115?

    Q&A ~

    1) What is "VanyaQuenta Calaquende"

    The account of the beautiful/Fair High Elves which is not too be honest an accurate translation of correct choice of words, but I haven't bothered to stay very strict to language of the Eldar. I've felt it shall fit well.

    Calaqendi P. Elves of Light (High Elves) Sg. Calaquende.

    2) What is your Ultimate Goal?

    My ultimate goal is record the videos from very moment Ainulindalë! (The creation which is already one) until very fires of Orodruin and beyond}

    Let us say It shall my own Enormous Silmarillion in which I will reflect on the past,present ,future I speak about everything I desire related to the Created World] is the Quenya name for the universe, as a realization of the vision of the Ainur. Thus, Eä is the World that Is, as distinguished from the Timeless Halls of Ilúvatar and the Void, that have no material form. VanyaQuenta Calaquende shall be my "own" world Though I do own nothing in the end ultimately SSG owns it all.

    Leveling from 1- 115. (See progression above)
    Racial deeds/Class quest deeds,Landscape exploration,Instances.

    Never to be included
    PvMP (Ettenmoors)

    3) What can I expect?

    You can expect the most complete ,detailed,complex, intense,in depth Comprehensive walkthrough ever done in the history of Lord of the Rings Online.Unless someone does it or did it ,That's super. It's not a competition. I wish to record the entire tales of my elf so one day you can reflect on the past and embrace beautiful priceless memories. It might be the most massive account of the tales of High Elves ever recorded. It remains to be seen. Time will tell.

    4) Why do you "record yourself" on the camera?

    It is a lot easier and more effective in general to express my honest opinions and explain the account of the Elder days on camera rather then writting. I grow weary of typing and it would take Eons to finish it. Speaking is way more pleasing, For me personally.

    5) Which Recording Sowtware should I use?

    I strongly suggest D3D Gear, very and incredibly efficient recording Software which has minimal impact on game performance. Basically zero at my side.

    6) Why do you upload so slow?!

    I have other important buisness to attend and basic Real life fundamental needs/work/other hobbits and as well other video game serials.

    My Internet connection speed is archaic thus it is impossible even if I do everything in my power, it takes hours.

    7) Why only 720p quality?

    Because It is connected auto to upload speed. Higher quality "weights" more, It's much more larger therefore takes more time to upload. Aplogies but for now You must be satisfied with HD ready quality.

    8) Tell me something about yourself!

    I suggest you send me a private message or explore my You-tube channel instead. I am 27 year old Male from Croatia with a burning passion for video games in general. The fire burns within me ten times more potent of the Burning Legion of Azeroth. I have wrote a substantial mount of information which I won't state here. Indeed, if you do have any questions I shall gladly answer, but keep in mind I will not reply to abusive,provocative questions. Vile Yrch attitude shall be swiftly negated,Ignored,blocked and removed instantaneously.

    Personal attacks and eventual insults shall be erased. Constructive criticism is always acceptable and shall remain,though I do prefer you rather send me personal private E-Mail in game

    (Vanyalanthiriel) Arkenstone or Vanyaltnhiriell (Gladden) US

    Current videos ( The latest update January 11,2018)

    Chapter I The Creation

    Chapter II The Prologue/Intro (The Battle of the last Alliance)

    Chapter III Reflections of the past

    Chapter IV Wrath of the Firstborn

    Chapter V
    Chapter VI
    Chapter VII
    Chapter VIII

    (The last four shall be uploaded in the next 24-48 hours)

    Near Future; Guaranteed. Significantly faster upload speed/1080P Quality

    Possibility of Live-Twitch streaming channel July 2018?

    Time to completion (TTC) ~ Full year at least.

    What does it matter? It shall be one monumental task ,I have no doubt in that, but i shall gladly embrace the challenge ,joy and thrill of the hunt

    It shall be glorious to re-play almost entire game once again!

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

    Vanya Sulie

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    VanyaQuenta Calaquende The Chronicles of Vanyalanthiriell High Queen of the Noldor

    Update 1

    Chapter V The Glory of the First Age
    Chapter VI The Elder Days
    Chapter VII The Village of Bree
    Chapter VIII Rip to Shreds
    Chapter XI A Daring Rescue

    Update 2:

    The Latest chapters plus Bonus Episodes ~

    Chapter X The Account Myth
    Chapter XI Rescue by Moonlight
    Chapter XII Assault on Rath Teirag
    Chapter XIII Defender of Bree-Land
    Chapter XIV Epic Book Volume I Chapter I

    Bonus Chapter ; The power of the Mithirl coin

    Update 3;

    The Latest chapters of her intense,Extraordinary,weird,pe culiar,Firey Adventures!

    Chapter XV Blade of Renown
    Chapter XVI The Horn call of Buckland
    Chapter XVII Destination Barrow Downs
    Chapter XVIII The Othrongroth

    Vanya Sulie, I shall stop updating the thread for longer period of time. Feel free to Subscribe and there are countless more to come (:

    Fare thee well my kindred the firstborn, May thy radiance never cease to shine.

    Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha.

    Vanyalanthiriel,Vanimelda, High Queen of the Noldor, Spirit of Fire. The Flame Imperishable.
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    Mae Govannen!

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende January 11th - January 30th

    The First 20 days.

    ~ Levels 1-31 Ainulindalë The Great Music in which she was born ~ Ost-Guruth.

    ~ Volume I: Epic Books 1&2

    ~ The Tales of Ered Luin,Bree-Land and Lone Lands.

    ~ 25 Chapters + Bonus one {Special} 26 total.

    No Data Corruption/Lost content. Any eventual data loss, F example during epic book instances shall be repeated and added to special playlist called "The Forgotten Tales"

    May your path ever be star-lit Mellon.

    The latest chapter ~ Instance the Red Maid ~

    Coming Soon ~ February 2018! Of Glories Long past, Magical Lake Neniual and city of the Kings of Arnor!

    North Downs/Evendim!

    Yea! February shall be very thrilling, Our Road takes us further North to deal with Angmarim threat and Orc Invasions (:

    Plan for next 30 days ~ I shall attempt to Record at least half of the entire Volume I and reach level 50 which was the original cap of the Elder days {Shadows of Angmar}

    Once She is 50 I shall use XP disabler {Stone of Tortoise} and fully focus on finishing the rest of Volume I. Entire Volume I ~ Eregion/Legendary weapons{Epic Volume II Prologue} First and Greatest Expansion Mines of Moria.

    We shall save Eriador,before the departure to dark halls of Khazad-Dum.

    Stay tuned

    Vanya Sulie!
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    The Epic Book III has been completed {Today } 4 chapters are on the way! To be uploaded until February 1st 2018

    Chapter 27 A Champion's Courage
    Chapter 28 Fires in the North
    Chapter 29 Council of the North
    Chapter 30 The Valley of Imladris! {Finished}

    Deaths so far;

    One {Level 19}

    We shall ride from Ost-Guruth to Valley of Imladris underlevelled and face any danger which lurks along the path! We fear nothing! For We are fear incarnate!

    Orome bless thee (:

    Kind Regards,

    Vanyalanthiriel ,High Queen of the Noldor
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    Elen sila lumen omentielvo!

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende; The Latest Update! A lot has happened! First clashes,tales and visits of Misty Mountains,Trollshaws and Iron-Home! {Angmar}

    Chapter 31 One Versus all A Champion related video. A showcase of early dealing with the devil. A clash with single target and Multiple Signature/Elite foe within the Dol Dinen
    Chapter 32 Enmity of Orcs Racial Deed. Eradication of Yrch
    Chapter 33 Our first tales in Hills of Evendim!
    Chapter 34 Wardens of Annuminas, We have wandered Everswim furthermore, The road goes ever on and on :9
    Chapter 35 The Terrible Secrets of Salamanders! The island mysteries! Fire and .. Well, you shall see!

    However we shall hunt for the Legendary Book Pages
    ~ Tome of the Swords {Ferocious strikes}
    ~ Artisan Blade {Ragging Blade}
    ~ The Joy Of Battle {Fight on}

    Do not be bewildered not puzzled. The three of each Legendary books were quite contrasting, In the essence identical, but the approach was another tale. It took far longer to obtain the pages and now particular skill is granted automatically or via Trat tree,before you had find all of the pages and thus skill would have been granted.

    Racial deeds

    Blade Dancer {Enmity of Orcs III}
    Enmity of Dourhands II

    And so on

    The following videos have been recorded and Encoded as well. They shall be uploaded.

    Vanyalanthirell is now level 41.

    Incoming in the next 7-12 days

    Chapter 36 The Bounty Hunter {Ost Forod bounties} ~ Uploaded
    Chapter 37 Epic Book IV The Missing Rider Uploaded
    Chapter 38 The Unmarked Trail {Book IV} Uploaded
    Chapter 39 Peril in the Mountains. Our Northern adventures have begun! {Uploaded}

    Chapter 40 Valiant deeds within the Mountains Book V {Uploaded}
    Chapter 41 Fire and Ice Book V Conclusion {Uploaded}
    Chapter 42 Shadows of Angmar! We are marching into shadow! Now we have truly embarked on our journey! Epic Book VI {Uploaded}
    Chapter 43 Crannog's Challenge , various tasks preformed for the Hill-men of Aughaire {Uploaded}
    Chapter 44 Into the High Pass ,Goblin cleavers, Elven maiden mystery, Duel with the Mighty beast, first glimpse of the Goblin-Town. {Uploaded}
    Chapter 45 Beyond Rammas Deluon , Book VI CulminationThe Darkness is deeper {Uploaded}
    Chapter 46 Lords of the Western Marches Fasach-Larran &Fasach Falroid purification, escape from Dun Covad and taking on seemingly impossible odds! {Uploaded}
    Chapter 47 Anguish of the Malenhad ~ Terror swamp filled with giant Armoured Iron-scales {Turtle soup} An attempt to Vanquish the Ancient Iron-Scale. {Uploaded}
    Chapter 48 The Northern Waste ~ Destination Forochel. Our road takes us far North. {Starting at Kauppa-kohta} The vast frost-bitten expanses with Infamous Ice-Bay. Forochel was by far the largest zone based on Landscape size. Lossoth ~ Sinadrin {Snow-Folk, Snowmen} {Uploaded}
    Chapter 49 The Lossoth of Forochel ~ Taur Orthon Questline through the Ja Kuru {Canyon of the Ice}South-East Region until Pynti-peldot {Uploaded}
    Chapter 50 The Bitter Wasteland Itä-mâ&Talvi Muri Central and Northernmost regions of Forochel. {Uploaded}

    Vanyalanthriell is now Level 43. 50% on the way to Level 44..

    Our road shall take us far to the north within the Ice-Bay of Forochel. We shall re-visit Tal-Bruinen,Annuminans and Goblin Town.

    February 2018 plan ~ Conclusion of Volume I Book. Level 50 {Vanilla cap} The cycle between East Angmar/ForochelMisty Mountains until she reaches the level cap. Embark on the second part of the Shadows of Angmart Epics {Books VII - XIV} XP Locked until Champion of Eriador title.

    March/April 2018 ~ Volume II Prologue/History of Eregion/Entering the dark halls of Dwarrowdelf... Levels 50-60

    I shall appreciate your time. Thank you for your interest!

    Kind Regards,

    Vanya Sulie!
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    Elen sila lumen omentielvo!

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende; The Latest Update!

    The first month is concluded! From very moment of creation until the central region within Forochel. Itä-mâ which means Eastern land on Finnish. Talvi-Muri {Winter wall}

    January 11, 2018 - February 11, 2018.

    Shadows of Angmar Content ~

    ~ 50 Chapters Recorded/Encoded. 41 Chapters are uploaded at the moment. The last nine are upcoming in the following days...
    ~ Levels 1 - 44
    ~ Epic Books I - VI Full Levelling,Guides,Racial deeds,Slayer deeds,Class quests,Exploration deeds,Lore,The World{Arda} and so on...

    Vanilla Eriador Zones explored ~ Ered Luin,The Shire,Bree-Land,Lone-Lands,North Downs,Evendim,Trollshaws,Misty Mountains,Angmar,Forochel.

    Our travels have taken us a bit further than usual and more rapidly than I expected!

    Vanyalanthiriell is now 44 {Close to 45}

    Kind Regards,


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    Elen sila lumen omentielvo!

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende; The Latest Update!

    I have been playing tirelessly and I've managed to complete Epic Books VII - XIV In a single day. It was the Ultimate blast! {16 hours+ of Game-play}

    Your Valour and Courage helped throw down the Iron Crown of Angmar.

    Levels 45 - 50.

    Vanyalanthiriell is now level 50 {Valley of Imladris}

    Chapter 51 Dwarves and Mammoths

    Chapter 52 Cold as Death

    Chapter 53 Vanyalanthriell vs Vahva-hammas

    Chapter 54 Last Bastion of Hope

    Chapter 55 The Gates of Carn Dum

    Chapter 56 Scourge of the North

    Chapter 57 Mordrith's fall

    Chapter 58 Amathriel's Hope

    Chapter 59 The City of kings

    Chapter 60 Eye of the Angmar

    Chapter 61 Wild lands of Tal Bruinen/Cheerless Land

    Chapter 62 Prisoner of Free peoples

    Chapter 63 The Ashen Wastes

    Chapter 64 Doom of the Last King

    Chapter 65 The Ring-forges of Eregion Part I

    Chapter 66 The Ring-forges of Eregion Part II

    Chapter 67 The Ring-forges of Eregion Part III

    Chapter 68 The Ring-forges of Eregion Part IV

    Chapter 69 Daughter of Strife

    Chaptre 70 Shadows of Angmar

    Chapter 71 Champion of Eriador

    Now I shall take a minor break.

    Chapters Uploaded so far 43.

    Total chapters with the culmination of Volume I {70-71}

    The Remaining chapters shall be uploaded by the end of the Month.

    Volume I Is concluded.

    Vanya Sulie <3

    Here are some of the pictures of today's incredibly intense magical day. It was priceless to Volume I once more (:

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    Our ever-watchful Guardian Vanyalanthiriell High Queen of the Noldor.

    The Hidden Valley of Imladris reminded me on the Valley of Tumladen {First Age}, a valley in which Gondolin was built.

    Once upon a time in the Elder days od Arda...

    May your path ever be Star-Lit Mellon.

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    A quick update. Ultra Fast Internet connection obtained. Expect the videos in Full HD resolution. Greater Quality.

    Insanely fast uploading speed as well.

    The Possbility of Live-Twitch Streaming, Soon.

    Kind Regards

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    I proudly present thee the first Official Full High Elf walkthrough which covers the Entire Volume I Epic Book,the Archaic "Vanilla" Eriador, complete levelling, from very moment of the Creation until The conclusion of Volume I {Valley of Imladris} and so on..

    There was not a single data loss. It is all there. Complied. I consider myself very lucky indeed though I believe it's only a matter of time before the inevitable crash.

    The Remaining chapters have been updated. The First Massive compilation is now complete ~

    You can watch VanyaQuenta Calaquende Shadows of Angmar Adventures here ~

    {71 chapters total} Fashioned with Ultimate passion.

    It shall be updated furthermore with additional videos, such are for instance: Racial deeds/Quests or Lore related Tales, but the core of it has been finalised. It is finished.

    Vanya Sulie
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    Incredibly special "chapter", I am showing my modest ,but ultimately incomparable and truly special mini book collection of the Tolkien's Legendarium and Tales of the Perilous realm as well. They shall eternally own the very unique place in my heart, particularly The Silmarillion.

    The first "Real life" chapter, though it was recorded while having game on. One can see Vanyalanthriell and City of Gondamon in the distance.

    Vanya Sulie.

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    As promised before ~ Superior Quality and super fast upload speed.

    The latest video has arrived;


    VanyaQuenta CalaQuende Chapter 73 The Boldest Road is Discipline Part I

    As for Recording Software , I am using D3D Gear , a very reliable, fast - Easy to use and efficient software with minimal impact on performance ,often nearly unnoticeable.

    Tis much more clearer and sharper.

    Vanya Sulie

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    The Latest chapters ~

    Chapter 72 Enmity of Orcs III

    Special We shall Never Surrender

    Special Tolkien's Books

    Chapter 73 The Boldest Road is Disicipline Part I

    Special A Blademasters' Guide

    Chapter 74 The Boldest Road is Discipline Part II

    Special Yule Festival The Winter Home

    The Visions of Palantir

    Special The High Queen of the Noldor The Perfect Arato Outift

    VanyaQuenta Calaquende Chapter 75 Trouble in Tuckborough and culmination of Class Quest

    The Visions of Palantir Part II

    January 9 - March 1 ~ 83 Videos in total Successfully Recorded, Encoded and Uploaded, For now.

    The lore Series have begun!

    Greetings in our first episode we focused on the Valley of Imladris respectfully plus additional weapons explanation and reflections on the past.

    Please keep in mind I love to comment/talk a lot and tis indeed a lot more effective for me personally to express my honest passionate thoughts and opinions via voice rather than typing off the enormous tales within Arda which would be nigh impossible to complete.

    My plan is to include most of regions/notable points of interest before embarking on my journey to Eregion Kingdom of the Noldorin Elves and the dark Halls of Dwarrowdelf.

    King Regards
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    Apologies for Audio, At least you can hear me clearly on Camera. I have currently an issue when recording audio.

    Vedui! I felt a need to fashion another video and Reflect on the past! I honestly could not envisage such a future , at least not back in year of 2010 (:

    Of Southern Mirkwood, Immensely powerful Imposing Fortress-Mountain Dol Guldur!

    I recall the very first day of Siege of Mirkwood expansion {December 2, 2009} hours before the Legacy of Necromaner{Update 22}

    Vanyalanthirel was riding from Echad Sirion until the entrance of Barad Guldur, the Chief Tower of Dol Guldur. {Raid entrance}

    After eight seemingly infinite years the Eryn Lasgalen calls her back! Pause at 26:18! Marvellous view!

    Pay attention What I've said and focus on the video.

    Often in my inconceivable desire and Ultimate Passion I lose myself The Fire burns too hot! , Do attempt to repeat the video if needed.

    I do sound indistinguishable indeed, but I am sure you shall comprehend the majority of my statements which is suppose amusing, because when I disover it, Tis is too late xD

    Note: It is not a lore video. When I do create one It goes to Special Playlist ~ The "Ancient Master of Arda" which was inspired of the same existing in game title.

    For those individuals who aren't interested in hearing me personally, you can always appreciate the Landscape There is always something for everyone, undeniably.

    Vanya Sulie!

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    So impressive!

    Well Done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmonfire View Post
    Well Done!
    Thanks Kindly! Twas a pleasure!

    The Black Book of Mordor Chapter 5 has been finalized.

    The Black Book of Mordor Chapter 6 is on the way. For some bewildering reason the Recording process within Northern Mirkwood devours thrice more of my Disk space storage Data. The last video ate 50 GB in Mordor For instance it took Less than 12 GB. The settings were exactly the same. Twas untouched.

    The Full progression ~

    Vedui Mellyn!

    The Black Book of Mordor! Chapter 5.1/5.2

    The Familiar faces! High Elf Harthalin!

    Vanya Sulie!

    Chapters 5.3,5.4,5.5! Visons of the past! The Secret Chamber!

    The Sudden ,Completely Unexpected Stunning Utter Destruction of Nigh Impenetrable Fortress of Dol Guldur!

    Awe-inspiring Power of the Golden Lady! {Video}

    The brief exploration of Razed Dol Guldur {Map}

    Vanya Sulie!

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    For Vanyalanthirel was driven by the fire of her own heart only, working ever swiftly and alone. The Part II and the culmination of Black Book of Mordor Chapter 5.

    Vanya Sulie!

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    Note: The Black Book of Mordor and the Adventures of Vanyalanthirel {Hunter} My main character is not meant to be included in the Original Quenta Calaquendë series which is purely related to my High Elf Champion Vanyalanthiriell, I wanted to use the same name, Twas taken. Added a Letter L. -Iel ~ Sindarin , Daughter.

    Calaquendë ~ Singular ,Elves of Light, Light Elves. The further threads are indeed unnecessary so ultimately I decided to post my other videos as well.

    Legacy of Necromancer Black Book of Mordor Chapter VI Part I&II

    Link ~ { I am not posting anymore Video link to lessen the spam}

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo! They are indeed! The stars shine brightly for Eldarin triumph was ultimate Onwards to Eryn Lasgalen! We shall!

    The Halls of Elven King Thranduil , son of Oropher! The first video within Northern Mirkwood, mysterious realm , very deceitful! Fickle terrain. Felegoth! Elves!

    The Lore was exceptionally intriguing and captivating! It all inevitably comes back again into the Elder days of Arda, The Silmarils. I shall not spoil. Keep an eye for details and do read the Quests until the very end. Diola lle.

    Prince Legolas, son of the King, Summit of Caras Tilion The Hill-Ruined Elven Fortress!

    The journey takes us to Loeglond, place of the Raft elves, exceptionally gorgeous location.

    Vanya Sulie!

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    By Orome! I was stunned and amazed beyond mortal comprehension. I have had the privilege to play one of the most picturesque, breath-taking and intriguing Story chapters ever released since the Vanilla days of The lord of the Rings Online.

    Everything fits perfectly, from Lore, characters Extraordinary beautiful Landscape , Regions , Realms of Men, Elves ,Dwarves, even humour! ... You can see me I was enjoying it to maximum and beyond!

    Loeglond is a jewel almost unsurpassed! The entire journey from Felegoth ,Lake Town! The Dragonbone Inn was amusing!! ~ The Tomb of Thorin is unbelievable, Equals the Glory of Khazad Dum!

    The Little wonders and the unexpected reunion of Thorin Oakenshield's Company!!

    Top Notch Quality Update, You cannot ask for more. Perfect.

    ~ Legacy of Necromancer Black Book of Mordor Chapter VI Part III&IV

    Thank you <3

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    The Heaven of Loeglond ~

    Extraordinary Vibrant Vivacious Elven Pool-Heaven {Sindarin} . I was overwhelmed with staggering amount of details. Tis nearly unequalled. The most impressive mini zone of the new update.


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    Tham Aeldés A Secret Landmark within Northern Mirkwood.

    Awe-Inspiring View.

    Vanya Sulie!

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    The Latest Update ~

    Inevitably, I've recently gained entry into another "Secondary World" The Dawn's Beauty,Starry Heart in Ehlnofex, Commonly known as Tamriel which is one of the several Continents of the Planet Nirn.

    Nonetheless I shall log in within Arda on occasion to expand the already Enormous tale of "VanyaQuenta Calaquende" {The Quenta Calaqunde}

    The Ring Goes South , do does Vanyalanthiriel.

    The Future Content:

    ~ Eregion, also known as Hollin, was a realm of the Noldorin elves during the Second Age, Essential region which cannot be skipped with Abundance amount of superbly intriguing lore.
    ~ Dark Halls of Dwarrowdelf, latterly known as Moria ( OrThe Black Chasm, Black Pit}Seemingly infinite in size , vast and incomprehensible to most of the mortals. Expect very long tales and episodes

    Epic Volume II {Books I-VI} Original, Vanilla, Moria before the Leaves of Lorien Update and Scourge of Khazad Dum.
    Epic Volume II Books {VII-VIII}

    Full detailed Comprehensive in depth all-inclusive journey with the exception of Instances{ I do not include Private Encounters which are strictly related to Epic Quests or Solo encounters such are Session plays}

    Class Quest {58}
    Exploration of each of the regions/Deeds/Reflections of the Past/Lore and so on..

    Late March/April of 2018 ~

    Vanya Sulie!
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    The Board is set! The pieces are moving! Volume II has officially started! Vanyalanthiriel shall soon embrace the long dark of the mighty Dwarrowdelf (:

    The glorious realm of the Naugrim! Incomprehensibly vast. A crown jewel. The greatest Dwarven kingdom within Arda!

    VanyaQuenta Calaqeunde Chapter 77 Volume II Epic Book I The Walls of Moria!

    Vanya Sulie <3

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    Chapter 78 Seeker of the Deep Places Tis begun! ~ Let us embrace the long dark of the Dwarrowdelf!

    Chapter 79 Echoes in the Dark! ~ The exploration and questing within the Great Delving!

    Tenn' enomentielva <3
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    VanyaQuenta Calaqeunde Chapter 82 of Jazargund and The Twenty First Hall!

    One of the longest chapters so far!

    Of special note ~ One of the Three Moria Crafting Instances


    It is the site of two dungeons, Mekeb-faham and Mekeb-farak

    ~ As usual each of the videos has my own passionate Nostalgia commentary included indeed
    ~ Legendary Iconic and central operation "base" of the Nagurim within Moria. I reflected on the past and spoke about the glory of the Elder days
    ~ Mapping of the Winding way!
    ~ Of Jazargund and stunning view at the Endless stair!
    ~ Continuation within the Upper halls of Moria {Durin's way}
    ~ Various Quests

    Tis a part of the Champion's guide as well. The Ultimate showcase/guide on how to deal with Multiple foes or Single target. An advanced techniques to escape the peril and against seemingly impossible odds {Landscape} Animations/Style/Perfect timing and skill rotations executed with Peerless Finesse.


    In our next video we shall venture into Silvertine Lodges. The follow up of the next Epic book chapter!

    Namarie! (:


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