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    Quote Originally Posted by siipperi View Post
    Rk and hunter are very good on clearing trash. Not only they eliminate the most dangerous foes faster than champions would ever do but also do relatively good aoe both, both capable of doing well over 100k. Burst damage that rk and hunter both have is often vital even on trash pulls, where hunter seems to average good 200-220k dps burst on the first target.
    Champions do more damage in aoe but not even close to the double the damage differential that hunter and rk does on st. And as said, if there would be one melee damage class to be taken into group it would be most likely burglar. Not only it does significantly more dps than champion but increases everyones dps good 20% or so in red, resulting the total damage group benefits from such class well over 100k dps in raid size, compared to champions ~40k (not sure, it might be even lower now) if you lucky and extremely good (which red burg dont really need to be and still have great group increasing benefit).

    You can think what you like, I dont really care. I care this game and people I play with so they can have more fun with their classes and not forced on give up their mains because of the bad balance in the game. And if you would open your eyes you would see nowhere have I suggested particular buff to champion class. Im merely telling how situation is at the moment and something needs to be done.

    P.s. You avoided my question so I assume I was right.
    Buff Champ single target dps. Who said otherwise?

    But not above Hunter or RK as Thread suggests. But Champions could do with a better rival to AoE too. Whether that be Hunter, Lm or even Mini.

    But we all know, every class needs a full rework!

    Don't know a lot about Burgs though tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happychappy View Post
    But Champions could do with a better rival to AoE too. Whether that be Hunter, Lm or even Mini.

    But we all know, every class needs a full rework!
    Could make Mini rework much more specialized. Yellow: buff enough; blue: Heal & Health; red: AoE (because songs effect everything in hearing range), with all trees getting two-four single target damage attacks so solo landscape is possible.
    Although I never figured out Warden, maybe they could use a few AoE's, not as good as other classes but something to help them clear trash; same for loud-mouths, ur Captains.
    LM might be able use a bit of tweaking but I think that mainly ST with a couple of AoE's with highish dps when Pet is included in the calculations is the way to go, with lines being what they currently are (support / pet / st magic damage)
    Do I need to repeat how hunter should be? If one to think about it, firing more than a single arrow at a time is NOT a real thing. Hunter: red: range with high damage per ST hit; yellow: traps (needs buffs) and a few mid-damage attacks, perhaps a few extra AoE's; blue: fast casting attacks with less damage than Red-line per attack (like maybe 5% less dps(which is not the same as damage per hit) ST than red) and an AoE slow and root that breaks on damage ability to aide in kiting multiple mobs.
    Burg: Red: assassin-line focusing on ST positional damage with a couple of stuns to make soloing possible, massive DPS based on fast high damage attacks; Yellow: Like Hunter traps and debuffs, low enough damage to not be considered a DPS-line but still high up when compared to support classes; blue: lower damage than red but focused on buffing group damage, and a couple of nice AoE's that only effect positionally. This way having one of each tree could be beneficial to a Raid without a 'well any old burg will do' situation occurring. Defense-wise all Burgs should have a very high Parry / evade ratings based on Agility (higher than other classes, including hunter).

    Also, SSG should make swapping out Lines only possible at a Trainer so a person has to decide Line before going into an instance and can't swap in the middle, hence making other classes or other lines of the same class more desirable.
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    I do not see a problem with Champions getting the same ST damage as hunters if they trait red line, doing mediocre aoe dps in this trait, however I do think hunters would need a viable (read as good as champ) aoe trait line (doing mediocre ST dps). Melee and ranged can both share top ST and AOE dps if it was up to me.


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