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    Game Time Cards and bought extensions


    I play HDRO for more than 8 years. The last 3 years I didn't play so much, but now my childs are as big as they can play with me.
    Years ago I bought two extension packs "Shadows of Angmar" with a 60 day game time card in each pack, which I never used.
    Now I tried to install the extension in the accounts of my childs and the game time in my acoount by using the coupon code option in hdro shop, but i only got the information that the codes are not correct.

    What can I do to use this codes?

    The Standing Stone Support doesn´t anwser!

    Best regards


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    Shadows of Angmar was the base game of LOTRO, not an expansion. Even when the codes for those boxes were valid, they would only, I think, have provided a 30 day VIP for the game.

    With the change to free-to-play, the move away from codemasters, and the switch from Turbine to Standing Stone all potentailly happening since you purchased those games, there are any number of reasons the codes would no longer work.

    I hope you hear something back from SSG to confirm the reason, but you may just want to start your kids off with new accounts and go from there.

    Good luck and I hope you have fun playing together.

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    Since you are using the name 'HDRO', that suggests that you bought two copies of the German version of Lotro from Codemasters. No Codemasters codes were ever accepted by Turbine, Warner Brothers or SSG for the North American version of the game. These codes were only usable with the European localization of the game operated by Codemasters. Now there is no Codemasters servers to redeem these European codes. These codes could not be used with the Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian localization of the game either - of course these versions of the game have also shut down - resulting in even more worthless codes and the loss of all the game data - accounts - characters - that these operators used to have.
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